Yasir Hussain Just Praised Iqra Aziz For Refusing A Fairness Cream Ad & For Once We Agree With Him

By Sarmad Amer | 24 Sep, 2019

Iqra Aziz refusing a fairness cream is a big moment to celebrate

The obsession over white skin and fairness has been a huge concern in Pakistan. Women in particular face a lot of issues over the color of their skin, specifically during the already dreadful rishta process. On top of this, fairness creams endorsed by big celebrities pushing people to feel worthless unless they are “white and bright” don’t help. This is exactly why what Iqra Aziz did is worth celebrating.


Yasir Hussain just praised Iqra Aziz for refusing a fairness cream ad

He took to Instagram to share how his fiancé refused an advertisement with a whitening cream because it went against her values. He shared that she refused despite their offer of a large sum of money.

“I love you even more for what you did yesterday . Yeh baat aap sab ko batana is liye zaroori hai kyon k yeh aik behtareen kaam hai . Kal iqra ne aik (whitening cream) ka advertisement karny se mana kar dia jo society mai complex phelany k Bohot sary paisy bhi offer kar rahy thy . Juratmandana aur sahi Qadam uthaya aap ne 👏🏼❤️
Beshak kisi gory ko kaly per aur kaly ko gory per fazilat nahi

Allah ne jesa banaya hai us mai Khush rahen “, wrote Yasir.


With many other celebrities being guilty of pushing these products, Iqra Aziz refusing the fairness cream ad is a huge step

Big celebrities in Pakistan have always endorsed whitening creams despite the public backlash because the money offered by these companies was much too lucrative to stick to their morals. Iqra Aziz just proved that she’s not like other celebrities who have a price on their moral values.

Source: idiva.com

The skin complex that Pakistan faces is deep rooted. This phenomenon has colonial roots with the gora saheb British colonizers causing deep fissures in society on the basis of racial backgrounds and skin colors. They even created a whole new breed of anglo-Indians who were a “step above” the other brown colored locals because they had white blood in them.


Pakistanis are loving Yasir Hussain’s celebration of this brave move by Iqra Aziz refusing the fairness cream offer

Via: Instagram


Some went a little too far in their praise

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And of course, Yasir bhai aik troll ko troll karnay se baaz nahi aye

We may not agree on many things, Yasir, but we certainly appreciate ke aap baaz nahi atay because we at MangoBaaz love that trait.

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So what do you think about Iqra Aziz refusing a fairness cream ad?


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