This Parody WWE Twitter Account In Urdu Will Make Your Day

By Aam Nawab | 4 Jul, 2016

The WWE is something many of us in Pakistan grew up watching, what with memories of the Rock laying the smackdown on some candy ass or Stone Cold Steve Austin opening a can of whoop-ass. Although I’d argue that the WWE today isn’t as entertaining as it used to be, the parody Twitter account, WWE Urdu, is sure to reignite your interest. Or at least give you a good laugh.


How to handle the topic of Eidi in a professional manner when you’re cheap…


Or when you simply think your employees aren’t worth it.


When Aunty makes you lay out all the kapray but doesn’t buy shit.


While Abba jee reminds you to be more economical.



When you’re trying not to swear, ta’kay roza makroo na hojaye.


Or just need some help while you’re going through a difficult time


A reminder that wrestlers also go through relationship problems similar to us

And get into trouble for using VPN.

While also having to worry about the dreaded Phuppo.

But romance bhee kertein hein.

Aur lartey bhee hein.


WTF, Mann Mayal?

Facebook chorr kay, Hamza Ali Abassi twitter pay agaya.


There’s also commentary around socio-economics.


And obviously, politics.





But most importantly

Fuck you Trump.

Keep entertaining us, WWE.


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