11 WTF Reasons Why My In-laws Won't Let Me Vote For My Favorite Political Party

By Noor | 18 Jul, 2018

Elections are just around the corner and I know all of us are very excited to welcome another five years of democracy but there are people like me who can’t even vote for their favorite political party. It is very sad, no?

Guys, you really need to know my story of not being able to vote this year. You all might be surprised that why an adult like me is NOT going to vote for her favorite party. So here it is, the MOST illogical, lame and funny set of reasons given by my¬†susraalis¬†to make sure that I won’t vote for my choice of leader :

1. “Sasur jee kay dost kay bhai kay phuphu¬†ka larka election¬†main khara¬†hai”

I don’t know why people don’t get this¬†kay¬†elections¬†hain, rishtaydaari dikhanay ka mauqa nahe! Instead of forcing your relatives to vote for you, people really need to prove themselves as a deserving candidate or else someone somewhere will be ‘forcing’ their bahu to vote for you.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

2. “Apki¬†favorite party¬†nay jin logon ko¬†tickets¬†diye hain woh sab¬†corrupt¬†hain”

I repeat political parties with corrupt people in it DO NOT deserve mine or anyone’s vote but let me decide ‘who’ is corrupt because it is MY vote.

Via: Tumblr

3. “Nasha karta hai¬†leader¬†tumhara”

Please kindly tell me more about your ‘authentic’ source of this news.

Source; Illuminati Films

4. “Illegal property¬†hai tumharay leader¬†ki”

HAHAHA, really?

Please do some ‘research’ before saying this.

Source: ‚ÄéS. P. Creations

5. “Character¬†ka bhe nahe theek woh¬†leader toh”

Okay but again, source kya hai?!¬†Please stop giving me this ‘gossip auntie’¬†wali¬†feeling.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

6. “Itnay saalon say apni¬†party¬†ko¬†vote¬†dai rahay hain, ab tumhari¬†party¬†ko dain kya?”

It’s better to change for the good instead of sticking to the wrong choices, no?

Source: SLB Films

7. “Log kya kahien gay”

Vote humara hai, logon ka NAHE.

Source: Yash Raj Films

8. “Lahore¬†walay chacha jee naraz ho jayien ge.”

Why do we even need his approval for OUR vote?!

Via Tumblr

9. “Tumharay leader¬†kay jalson¬†main dekha hai kitni fahashi¬†hoti hai”

This one was really CRUEL.

Source: Dharma Productions

10. “Yeh¬†leader¬†khud bhe¬†corrupt¬†hoga”

Par aapko kaise maaloom?

Source: Dharma Productions

11. “Khaandan ko chorr kay tumharay¬†leader¬†ko kaisay¬†vote dai saktay hain?”

The answer is simple kyun kay vote aap ka hai.

Source: VB Pictures

Let me know if you have a similar story too and let us know about anything you want to add. Happy voting!


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