If You Are Between The Ages Of 18 And 27, Here Is Why You Need To Vote In This Election, Now More Than Ever

By Biya Haq | 6 Jul, 2018

So if the streets of Pakistan haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s election season.


Politicians are working around the clock as the election date, July 25th quickly approaches.

Now, it’s no secret that in this country, most young people pretty much have this reaction to anything politics related.

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And especially for us young people, most of the time we are just trying to figure out which political party is the least amount of crazy, who to vote for and if we should be voting at all. And why wouldn’t we feel this way? There have never been any real drives to push the younger generation to be involved in the process.

But friends, it turns out that for us, voting is THE most important we can do for our country this year.

How you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down into three easy points.

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It’s lit.

1. YOU are the most important voter in this country at this very moment.

Many of you in this age group may not have a clear standing in the political community and even if you do, you may not feel the need to vote.

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The fact of the matter is, if you are an undecided voter, you are the most valued voter in this country. You are important because you are the deciding factor that will determine what will happen on election day. But the thing is, as a citizen of this country or ANY country for that matter, the one responsibility you do have is to vote. When you hear anyone say ‘my one vote won’t make a difference,’ it is quite the contrary. LITERALLY, one vote can make a difference, and we promise you, there is a chance that vote can be yours.

Which is why voting is of the HIGHEST importance.

2. If you don’t vote, someone else out there will. For you.

Unfortunately, election rigging is a very real issue in this country.

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Even if you decide to not vote for a specific candidate, you are still making it possible for parties and individuals out there to cast votes on your behalf. Many accounts of registered voters who have not voted have fallen victim to identity theft, to these voters. So whether you know it or not, your CNIC number may be used by some political party to gain more ballots. It’s not a secret that this has happened in the past and is likely to continue into the future until and unless proper precautions are put into place.

So until then, it might just be smarter to show up as yourself before someone does.

3. You might not know it now, but in the next couple of years, you could be royally f*cked.

Okay, there’s only one example we need here that TRUMPS everything else.

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See what we did there?

Everyone may think that America’s crazy status right now is due to one man and one man only. However, that’s not the case.

Though Trump has had quite a lot to do with the mess that is the United States right now, the responsibility is also shared with a number of Americans, who did not show up to the polls on election day. We do NOT want to end up with people in power who may have more interest in their own self-growth rather than ours, do we?

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Now, the point of this piece is not to come off preachy or condescending in any way, but just to remind everyone (and ourselves) that voting is so SO SO SO important. As the younger generation of this country, we need to set a strong example for those coming after us and an even stronger example to those who stand before us as leaders of this country that we are important, and that our voice matters.

So what do you all say we make ourselves heard? All we have to do is show up to the polls on July 25th.

What do you think about the voting process? How do you feel being a young voter in this country? Are you aware of your voter rights? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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