WTF, Pakistan Cricket Board's Official Website Was Hacked After The Match Against Bangladesh

By Noor | 6 Jul, 2019

As soon as Pakistan got disqualified from the tournament, Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB’s) official website was hacked

Pakistan’s journey in the 2019 World Cup has officially come to an end. Team Green won today’s match against Bangladesh but unfortunately did NOT qualify for the semi-finals due to the low run-rate.

However, Pakistan ended their run on a good note. The overall performance of the team was appreciated by many.

The bowlers managed to deliver their best. It’s commendable how the team was able to bag victories against strong teams like England and New Zealand and later also succeeded in defeating Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Source: @cricketworldcup/Twitter

As soon as Pakistan got disqualified from the tournament, Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB’s) official website was hacked


The image posted on the hacked website included a Twitter username and a message from the hacker

The message stated that the site was hacked by the Twitter handle, @TheCrashRulers.

The message posted claimed that the people who serve in the PCB are guilty of corruption. The hacker mentioned that corruption can only help the culprits to attain temporary benefits.

Source: @TheCrashRulers/Twitter

The note ended with a few words of appreciation and support for the Pakistan cricket team Captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed.

The message read, ‘Sarfaraz will remain the captain and we support him for our beloved Pakistan’s cricket team. We are with our team.’

Source: @TheCrashRulers/Twitter

Here’s the complete message by the hackers of the official site

Source: @TheCrashRulers/Twitter


People have already begun taking notice of this…

…naming the hackers…

…and are sharing updates.

Have you checked it out for yourself? Let us know what you think about all this in the comments below.


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