Pakistanis Are Giving Shoaib Malik All Their Pyaar After He Didn't Receive The Farewell He Deserved

By Ramsha Bhatti | 6 Jul, 2019

Pakistanis acknowledge that Shoaib Malik is a national hero, despite him not getting the farewell he deserved. 

Remember the alleged lack of professionalism the Pakistan team displayed before the match against India? Following Pakistan’s loss, that and the picture below angered many and the team was called out for unprofessionalism.


Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza became the most viable options for people to blame. 

Shoaib Malik’s “indirect” relationship with Indians, coupled with his unfortunate performance in the World Cup made him a target. People even blamed his wife’s for his substandard performance.

Now, Shoaib Malik had previously announced his retirement from any further World Cup tournaments.

The man has contributed tremendously to the team’s success during international cricket tournaments and has done a lot for Pakistan on the field.

Pakistan Cricket team’s last match against Bangladesh was expected to be the farewell Shoaib Malik deserved.

Despite his unsatisfactory performance, Pakistanis had been counting on bidding their beloved all-rounder a soaring goodbye.


The Playing XI, however, disappointed many as Malik was not on the list!

Shoaib Malik, as per reports, had openly expressed the desire to be on the list for Pakistan’s game against Bangladesh just to give his World Cup career a golden end. However, the player line up mimicked that of the previous victorious matches, thus excluding Malik.

Many spectators and commentators were against giving Malik the opportunity to play.

People from the field of cricket have been disappointed with Malik’s performance in the World Cup, with a vast majority of the view that he should not be given the chance to play in Pakistan’s last match, with chances of him jeopardizing Pakistan’s chances of success.

Sadly, Shoaib Malik could not be part of Pakistan’s win against Bangladesh, which could have been the perfect closure for his international cricket career and the perfect farewell for him. In light of the given circumstances, Pakistanis have taken it upon themselves to show their gratitude towards Malik for his commendable contributions for Pakistan’s cricket.

With the possibility of only a farewell dinner, Pakistanis have taken to social media to thank Shoaib Malik for all his hard work and effort.

At this point in time, I really wish Shoaib Malik had received a farewell ODI but I am glad that Pakistanis are still commemorating him before he takes his leave.

Shoaib Malik, without a hint of doubt, has been an amazing athlete and has been a gem for Pakistani Cricket. 

 The love is pouring for Shoaib Bhai and this is exactly what he needs at this moment. 

He’s been a tremendous performer. More power to him.

We hope that Shoaib Malik excels in all of his future endeavors and that this gesture of love and gratitude is sufficient. He may have stumbled a bit at the end, but a hero nonetheless.


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