New Zealand Losing To England Is Making Pakistanis Share Dukhi AF Memes And The Sadma Is Real

By Noor | 3 Jul, 2019

New Zealand lost to England, making Pakistanis upset and the sadma is hella real, as seen through memes.

The points table for the World Cup 2019 has so far been really complex. Pakistan’s qualification to the semis was heavily dependent upon either India’s or New Zealand’s win in their matches against England. And after the Indian cricket team lost the match to England, Pakistanis were all supporting New Zealand for today’s match. So much for that.

In order to ensure that Pakistan qualified for the semis, it was really important for England to lose this match

So before the match, Pakistan sat at spot number 5. If England lost today’s match and Pakistan would have been able to win its match against Bangladesh then Pakistan could have successfully acquired spot number 4. But, things did not go as expected and England won the match.


Since the start of today’s match, all the fans of Team Green were glued to their television screens

Even towards the end of the match, Pakistanis were hoping to see New Zealand win this game for them

During the last overs of the match, supporters could actually see that New Zealand for just playing to ensure that their net run-rate does not gets affected

There were a bunch of brilliant memes, cricket ho aur memes na hon? Impossible

A few even blamed New Zealand for losing voluntarily

Team Green supporters stated that they wanted New Zealand to play ‘for’ Pakistan and not ‘like’ Pakistan

They pointed out that ‘1992 main bhe aisa hua tha‘ wali theories will finally end too

People said that it’s really frustrating to see that teams who lost their matches against Team Green are deciding the fate of the Pakistani cricket team

They mentioned that it’s going to be a sad day. They surely did not want their World Cup dream to die this early.

People also came up with some more impossible scenarios

Sadly, the journey of World Cup 2019 has most likely ended for Pakistan and fans have stated that gham hour tonight is going to be extremely painful

So, Pakistan has probably not qualified for the semis – is this fact making you sad too? Let us know in the comments below.



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