People Are Freaking Out About World Cup 2019's Similarities With 1992 After The Match With New Zealand

By Noor | 27 Jun, 2019

The similarities between World Cup 2019 and 1992 are spooky

So by now, we all know about the thumping victory secured by the Green Shirts. Pakistani cricket team has successfully stopped the winning juggernaut of New Zealand’s cricket team and have broken their winning streak.


The outstanding performance of Team Green has been appreciated by many and Pakistanis all over social media are celebrating this victory


But what’s more interesting than this news is the shocking similarities of the current World Cup with the one that was played in 1992



Since the start of this tournament, people have been chalking out the similarities between the World Cup 2019 with 1992


Majority of the people made fun of this comparison initially and a lot of them tried to troll the comparisons


But after the latest win against the Kiwis, the similarities have become even more unreal. It’s almost spooky 👀👀👀


People are asserting that history is going to repeat itself and Pakistan will end up winning the 2019 World Cup


They are mentioning that the cricket experts too, are not able to ignore the uncanny resemblance between both the World Cups


People have been discussing that even in 1992, Pakistan was the one who broke the winning streak of New Zealand


They are also shocked because of the large number of similarities specific to the matches


…and are happy to see the trend repeating itself

A few also tried to meme the entire situation


Even the ICC couldn’t help but notice the parallels between both the World Cups due to their strange resemblance

So, what do you think? Is it all just a coincidence or there’s something more to it? Let us know in the comments below. Khair, whatever the case may be, we all want Pakistan to win this cup.


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