‘Dostana 2' Has Just Been Announced And No One Wants To Watch It

By Arslan Athar | 27 Jun, 2019

Dostana’ was released 11 years ago and was a massive hit. Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, and Priyanka Chopra starred in this film and their star power definitely added to the success of the film. The makers of the movie remained silent on their being a sequel for quite a while, however, there were rumors of a second installment coming out soon.

Yesterday, Dharma Productions hinted at a sequel being in the works.


And this morning, they confirmed the news! 


The dynamic in the film is still the same- two guys and one girl. Two of the lead roles have been filled and ‘Dharma Productions’ has made some very interesting choices indeed.

One of the male leads is Kartik Aryan and the female lead is Jhanvi Kapoor. Both actors are relatively new in the industry and are definitely up and coming actors. If ‘Dostana 2′ will be as big a success as its predecessor, then this film will truly launch the careers of the actors involved in the film.

People online were NOT happy with the casting. 



Some fans wanted the original ‘Sonu Ki Teetu Ki Sweety’ casting. 


People attributed the casting to ‘cost cutting’. 


The bashing over ‘Dostana 2′ has started even before it shooting started.


And of course, people are smelling ‘nepotism’. 


Generally, the sentiment is swaying against Jhanvi Kapoor.


Some people had a few ‘out there’ dreams.


Memes bhi banna shuru hogaye. 


However, some people are a bit more realistic. 


All of this being said, this tweet W I N S.


Regardless of what people are saying right now, this film still has the potential to do well. The film carries the ‘Dostana’ brand name and let’s be real, it’s still a powerful name.

What are your thoughts on the casting for ‘Dostana 2′?

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  Cover Photo Courtesy: Dharma Productions

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