We Asked People To Share The Worst Pranks Their Siblings Have Played On Them, These Are The Most Savage Responses

By Rameeza Ahmad | 24 Jan, 2019

Ah worst pranks, only memories and psychological trauma remain. 


When you think back to your childhood, what stands out for you? Your parents teaching you how to do a task, your grandparents telling you a story and of course, your siblings playing pranks on you. So when we asked people the best pranks their siblings pulled on them, they did not disappoint.


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Here are some of the funniest pranks that were played on people by their own siblings:


1. The Classic Invisibility Cloak Prank

Via: Deenga.com

“I remember once I got out of the washroom while hiding from them and then they made me believed I. Invisible and they can’t see me ….. Worst one ever” – @umi_shoaib


2. Word Limit Is…

Via Osama Khalid Butt YoutTube

“Told my little cousin sister that she has a limit of 156 words per day and she can’t speak more than it because if she will do so, she’ll run out of limited words and can’t speak her entire life !! Still remember her expression after listening to that.” – @kanzaa_dudee


3. Hi-Tech Prank

Source: Jaswal Films

“My siblings put a Bluetooth speaker in one of our bathrooms. They came to me saying they could hear strange noises nearby, and when I went there in efforts of consoling them, telling them nothing was going to happen, they played scary laughing audios, and I ended up screaming and running away” – @thecheesynerd


4. The Heart Stopping Prank

Source: Filmwala Pictures

“Once we had a crazy thunderstorm and the power went out it was pitch dark I got out of bed and my brothers were hiding under the bed and they held my feet. I thought bhoot ne meray paun pakar liyee. I was screaming 😱”- @buzodila


5. The Psychologically Scarring Prank

Source: Filmwala Pictures

“When you made Api lie down in the middle of her room, put a white chadar over her and all her belongings around her and told me she’s dead 🙄😑” – @Zahraahyder


6. The Unintentional Prank

Source: Eden Robe

I remember when I was 9 and my sister was 7 I told her that mene blow dry krna sekha he aa jao tumhare baalon pr try kron itne ache lagen gy, she agreed and at the end comb uske baalon men phans gai or ami ko uske baal katne parey😂😂 – @hinaaxabbasi


7. The Stuff Of Nightmares Prank

Source: One Direction Vevo

“Okay, so I’m a light sleeper. When I was around 7 my sister dressed like a clown and kept staring at me. You could imagine my reaction then, right?” -@zoha05_


8. The Facepalm Prank

Source: Brandsynario / YouTube

“Once I set my sitter’s status to “mela baby na thana thaya”.??😂😝” – @_.bubbles9


9. The ‘Shitty’ Prank

Source: ARY Films

“I took my baby sister’s diaper, filled it with brown paint, pretended it was shit and threw it on my other sister! She didn’t realize the diaper wasn’t actually filled with shit till I showed her my video preparing it😂” -@zinneera4


10. The Cruel Wannabe Mom Prank

Source: YouTube

“Waking up our baby sister in the middle of the night telling her she’s getting late for school and she actually got ready 😂” -@nidakhokhar


11. The Adult Prank

Source: ZAB Films

“pointing towards the kitchen and saying it is the washroom when you have to use it at a restaurant.. social embarrassment 101.. and he is 28.. 👏” – @bershamir

What is the worst prank your siblings ever pulled on you? Let us know in the comments below.


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