12 Childhood Sharartein That Every Pakistani Has Done

By Malaika Tahir | 22 Jul, 2016

Don’t you all sometimes miss those days when you used to have a cute little water bottle around your neck instead of an office tie, a colorful lunchbox with your favorite cartoon character in your hands instead of a file and you used to indulge in crazy sharartein. Surely, your best memories are those stomach twisting giggles that followed the silly pranks you all did at some point in your lives and thought yourself as so fearless and funny.

Source: Oriental Films


1. Bell baja ke bhaago prank

You can never forget the thrill and the adrenaline rush associated with this prank. Ringing your neighbor’s door bell and then running with the speed of light and high-fiving each other after getting away with it like you have just achieved a glorious level of chichorapan was awesome fun.

Source: Mega Bollywood Pvt.Ltd / Red Chillies Entertainment


2. Using your PTCL to dial random phone numbers

You made up random phone numbers and did a victory dance every time it rang and someone picked up but when your creativity juices got exhausted, you even called one-seven to chat up with the operator, Warid and Ufone operators got sick of you and even McDonald’s knew all about your wailapan.

Source: Showcase Productions


3. Trying to “call a bhoot

All you needed was a paper, a pencil and a bottle cap/glass to construct the perfect equipment in which a jinn or bhoot would definitely love to visit you. I think all the ghosts must have gathered around and joked about how stupid our bhoot-calling skills are. Somehow the jinns were always around and our board always worked. Why? Because one of us made sure to press a little harder and move the pointer here and there to scare others.

Source: Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd


4. Electric current waali bubble gum and book

As an adult you must wonder why watching someone get an electric shock is hilarious (it’s a bit sadistic to be honest) but back then, it used to be a major source of entertainment for you. You went into a laughing fit every time your friends flopped around in shock… electric shock.

Via: Tumblr


5. Conference calling random people from your mobile phone

A few years later, you upgraded from the PTCL phone to a cell phone, that came with not only the option of conference calls but also with crazy call packages that made you gather (virtually) with your friends or cousins and call someone late at night to annoy them with your lame jokes, for next to no charges.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


6. Pointing the sharron waali gun at others

And that actually hurt. But nothing felt more satisfying than watching the look of horror on the face of your siblings and friends when you pointed that plastic gun at them with the tiny plastic balls inside them that actually hurt A LOT (yes, I have been at the receiving end so I know). Is it just me or we had a really sadistic childhood?

Source: Bhansali Productions


7. The lame one liners

Me: Bolo pencil?

Friend: Pencil

Me: Teri shaadi cancel. Hehe

You thought these were so funny.

13817298_1037641936321293_1305229586_n (2)

Me: Bolo PIA

Friend: PIA

Me slapping friend: Thappar khaaiye


8. Telling random people at the road that their tire is punctured

You loved doing this and when the victim looked down at their tire, you used to laugh, but the real howling used to begin when someone used to park their car or bike to inspect their tire because of you.

Via: Tumblr


9. Stink bombs

Carrying them around, waiting for the perfect moment to use them to make strangers or friends cringe with the horrible smell. Especially leaving one in an elevator and walking out like the James Bond of pranksters who just left a ticking bomb in an elevator full of his enemies.

Via: Tumblr


10. Patakha prank

Who can forget maachis bomb, and the pleasure of watching someone jump 100 feet in the air at the sudden explosion.

Via: Tumblr


11. Stabbing yourself and others with the fake springy knife

Source: Kripke Enterprises

Giving our loved ones a scare by stabbing ourselves with the fake knife and then laughing at their worried expressions. Doing this prank with your mother meant a bonus flying chappal.


12. Using this Invisible Pen to convey secret messages to your bestie

Fooling others by giving them an apparently empty paper and telling them that you swear on the blood of your ancestors that there is a message written on it only for them to read and then shining the light from your pen upon it to reveal the message and then watching them looking so impressed at this new tool. Now, that could possibly help you conquer the world really soon.

Via: Tumblr

Let us know about any other pranks you did as a child in the comments.


Cover image via: Six Sigma Plus

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