Women Across Pakistan Are Going Crazy After This Summer Fashion Trend

By Warda Baig | 26 May, 2016

The season’s hottest trend to hit the Pakistani streets is without a doubt, Tulip Shalwars.

Also known as Dhoti Shalwars, these loose pants have taken the Pakistani fashion scene by storm this summer.


Social media is abuzz with the look and and darzi’s are scratching their heads.

Because to be very honest it’s not an easy task to make a cylindrical leg-sized pocket. Here’s what our countrymen (more of women) have to say about the tulip of the season:


In case you were wondering why…




It’s nothing short of a revolution if you ask me..

Men are being forced to talk about it on public forums!


It can also double as Halloween costumes in case you’re big on dressing up as Casper.


Or a regular red-carpet look paired with your bedtime hoodie.

Pretty standard.


Giving Fanny Packs competition since 2015..


These shalwars are also initiating dialogue.


Needless to say, not everyone is happy..


But hey, it’s not all bad news.


Some of our “IT girls” are totally rocking it.

Girl, you slay!


If done right, these could be your summer must-have.


Hate to admit it, but they do kinda’ look borderline classy here.


Well fuck. We can wear them to a shaadi too?!


Okay umm, I think I need to call off my bridals from Fashion ka Ghar.

Fine, Mahira, we get the hint. You can even make FETCH happen.

So, ladies… are you rocking the tulip shalwar this season?

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