Woah, This Graphic Designer From Malaysia Is ALSO An Insanely Talented Mehndi Artist

By Biya Haq | 25 May, 2019

New look for Eid 2019? What do we think?

Pakistani grandeur comes in many different forms but one of the best things we’ve got? Mehndi designs.

Mehndi Wali Via Facebook/Hasina’s Mehendi Via Facebook

One of the most iconic forms of art and beauty spread all over Asia is the beauty and tradition of mehndi art. We’ve all done it since we were kids and will probably continue to do it throughout our lives.

And while most of us may just view it as something to do before a big wedding or for Eid, this artist from Malaysia is making her mehndi designs a little more personal than that.

Karthine Maniam, a graphic artist from Kuala Lumpur, is changing the way we look at traditional mehndi designs…

…And it’s AMAZING.

@Avengers fans, THIS is what we need. Love it. Love it 3000.

And don’t get me wrong, traditional mehndi designs are absolutely beautiful and always obviously look timeless. But being able to create designs in a personal and modern way? Oh yeah baby, it’s a new age.

We couldn’t help ourselves and reached out to Karthine to pick her brain and to learn about the inspiration behind her crazy cool designs.

Turns out, her designs are pretty much as crazy cool as her.

“I come from a family of four,” says Karthine, “and my eldest sister is a doctor, and I am an artist. Despite my sister being a doctor and all, my parents have never forced me to be on the same path as her! They knew I was interested in arts, hence they encouraged me to pursue my studies in arts instead. My family has been my biggest cheerleader in this art journey of mine. ”

We asked Maniam when she first discovered her love for art and when she discovered henna in particular in the first place. She said, “I’ve loved doodling since high school and I use to love doodling jewelry-inspired patterns using colored pens on my friend’s hands, and slowly those patterns I drew developed in time and started looking more like henna art! From colored pens, I decided to try using henna cones to doodle, and I’ve never stopped since then.”

“Drawing using henna cones is extremely therapeutic because the natural henna paste contains essential oils and it carries a very soothing smell! I also love how this crushed leaves, leave a beautiful stain on your skin! I find that so magical!”

As an artist, Karthine also has a special soft spot of her own in her designs! Maybe you can spot a few here and there. “I personally love drawing peacock feathers because it makes me feel very calm and It symbolizes immortality! As an artist, I’d love to see my artworks to be immortal.”

Just take a look at some of her cover art designs, this is easily any book lovers dream.


And obviously, for Avenger and GOT fans, we had to ask her about her crazy works of art on the two huge franchises. Also kind of mad I didn’t have that design on me for the both of these premiers but WHATEVER.

Karthine said, “I would call it my passion project! Most of the time, we only see floral patterns in henna designs, and I was wondering how would it be if we could break that and try something fresh and new! That was how I decided to experiment on it.”

Just LOOK at the Aladdin designs.

Like, a WHOLE new world for us right now.

Oh and don’t worry, we also asked her about any upcoming projects and she said she was thinking about a HARRY POTTER ONE, YOU GUYS! HARRY POTTAH.

Source: Warner Bros.


Anyway, clearly, Maniam is gifted and she pretty much left us with the most inspiring words you could possibly think of with regards to advice to other artists. She said, “Firstly, Be mindful in the things you do and make sure there’s always a purpose towards anything you do and secondly, your creative spirit needs the right environment to thrive and grow! Hence, always be surrounded by people and places that would encourage and lift you higher.”

Ugh. Love her.

Check out the rest of Karthine’s work on her Instagram and be prepared to be blown away by her crazy skills. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: tmk_henna Via Instagram

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