According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here's Which Color You Should Dye Your Hair To Spice Things Up

By Maliha Khan | 25 May, 2019

Ever wanted to crazy and dye your hair? I mean, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s post break-up or you’re simply looking to be edgy or fishing for a change, we’ve got you covered. So, if you wanna switch things up, here’s which color you should dye your hair based on your zodiac sign:

Libra – Red/burgundy

You are elegant and sophisticated, but most of all you are realistic. It is best to go with a color that is closet to a natural hair color. It will be easy to maintain, and you won’t stand out from the crowd. A deep red/burgundy may be your ideal hair color.


Scorpio – Multicolored surprise

You are mysterious, which makes people wonder what you’re up to next. You have this surprising factor, and you like to keep people on their feet. A unique and different hair color would suit you best. A surprising mix of similar hues underneath your natural hair may be your ideal hair color.


Sagittarius – Blue ombre

You are very fun and spontaneous. And you don’t mind being edgy. You prefer to be ahead of the trend, which is why you are always looking to try new and crazy things. Something someone else might not want to try is right down your alley. A blue ombre may be your ideal hair color.

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Capricorn – Play around with your natural hues

You are practical and you like stability. You prefer traditional and structure, just like a creature of habit. Since you are very conscious of your image, it is best to go with something you are comfortable with. A few shades lighter or darker than your original hair color may be your ideal hair color.


Aquarius – Grayish-silver

You are a rebel at heart and love to take risks. You have a daring and unconventional personality, which should suit your hair color. A grayish silver may be your ideal hair color. Embrace standing out from the crowd.


Pisces – Honestly, the entire color wheel is yours for the taking

Everything depends on your mood and the way you are feeling. You react strongly to emotions and feelings, which can translate to the hair color that may be ideal for you. Green if you feel jealousy, purple if you feel angsty, or even your virgin hair because you feel content. Anything under the sun may be your ideal hair color.


Aries – Bright, fiery red

You are a natural born leader and you like to be the center of attention. You will do anything to stand out, but still, need people to take you seriously. A bright red may be your ideal hair color since it makes a statement, much like you.


Taurus – Stick to highlights

You prefer tradition and routine. You like to stick to what you know and you what you know is you like your natural hair but you need something different. A few highlights here and there will do the trick.


Gemini – Go halfsies

You are indecisive and emotional. You can never make a decision and your natural duality makes you the perfect candidate for trying out two different colors. A half and half situation may be your best bet. And what better way to scream to the world that you’re a Gemini, tbh?


Cancer – Rose gold

You are hard to please and very complicated. You can easily be two ends of the same spectrum. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are always all over the place, which is what makes you unique. A rose gold may be your ideal hair color since it’s not pink or gold, but right in the middle.


Leo – Orange

The name basically says it all. You are fierce and you are the king of the jungle. People follow your ways, which makes you a trendsetter. Try something new and you will notice people flocking to your side. A yellowish orange or bright orange will tie perfect with your lion-like personality. It’s basically your mane.


Virgo – Natural highlights

You are calm and reserved, but that does not mean you are shy or quiet. You like to be a perfectionist and that comes out a lot in your personality. Virgos are very frugal in their spending ways (I could learn a thing or two about that), which is why they need a hair color they can maintain easily. A balayage is the way to go for you. Stick to natural highlights to stay true to your real hair, all while spicing things up. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with it and it grows out with your natural hair.


Let us know if you end up trying any one of these out! Honestly, though, let those jaws drop when you enter a room this shaadi season. Good luck!


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