21 Things These Pakistanis Can't Wait To Do Now That Winter Is Here

By Sarmad Amer | 20 Nov, 2016

The winter season always brings so much joy for people. It not only marks the end of the year for most of the world, it also is a great shaadi season backdrop. And most of all, winter season is all about wrapping up in layers and layers of clothing, sitting by the heaters and chilling with your friends and family (sorry Karachi).

Here’s everything these Pakistanis are looking forward to in this season:


1. This guy is excited for all the winter fashion


2. And you know what winter fashion helps you do?


3. This lady is more excited about every other way to ‘warm up’ during this time


4. This dude right here knows how to speak for what our hearts are truly looking to do


5. This person understands how food is what fuels us this season

Tbh, pizza keeps us going all throughout the year…


6. But a problem with food in this time is you can’t keep it lying around for too long

7. Of course, heater huddles are an essential during this weather


8. This is also the season of shaadis and love

9. And that also means putting on all your fancy clothes


10. While this guy just pointed out a big winter problem for all the londas and londis


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11. And of course, the season brings with itself its biggest gift – nazlazukaamkhaansi

12.  And while it’s neglected all year long, coffee finally gets its rightful attention this time of the year

13. You cannot do winters without munching on your favorite dried fruits and nuts


14. But this guy  seems to particularly like to play daredevil and take on challenges during the season


15. And your biggest dilemma every morning as soon as you step out of your razai


16. This time of the year everyone also feels a little bit more sleepy


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17. But when the sun comes out and you get to roast yourself in it a little bit


18. For everyone who hates their lungs, winter time is also fun for those activities


19. And for everyone else, we’re just happy pretending


20. For Lahoris, this season brings a challenge


21. But it’s the Karachi walay who have it worst during this time


What’s your favorite winter thing?


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