We Can Guess What's The One Thing That Annoys You The Most, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Noor | 4 Nov, 2018

Zodiac sign btae ga what annoys you.


Do you hate working after office hours? Don’t like it when someone steals your limelight? Hate it when people don’t give you space? Don’t like waiting for someone who’s always late?

Each zodiac sign has its own pet peeve. Read on to figure out yours:


Aries – People posting personal stuff on social media

A simple law governs the life of an Aries which states that nobody’s successes or problems can compare to theirs. Sure, you got married or you got a new job or you found your soulmate – please just don’t broadcast the ‘news’ on social media because an Aries can’t stand it. They get irritated by the people who discuss their personal issues on social media apps.

Source: K-9 Productions


Taurus – Unpleasant smells

Smelling unpleasant around a Taurus is no less than a sin. Please use a good perfume before meeting a person with this zodiac sign or you will be responsible for the results.

Via: Pinterest/Yash Raj Films


Gemini – Overly dependent people

Geminis value people who are self-dependent so if you need help while doing YOUR tasks and you can’t work without someone – please stay away from them.

Source: Dharma Productions


Cancer – Sleeping in uncomfortable places

They just love sleeping and a perfectly made bed is their weakness. Sleeping in their not-so-favorite spots can make them angry or crabby (heh, get it?) But seriously, they value their sleep a lot. Don’t mess with their resting place.

Source: thetempest.co


Leo – When they don’t get a good chance to flirt

Not being able to flirt will piss them off. Let them use their ‘charm’ on you. With your consent, of course.

Source: Yash Raj Films


Virgo – Disorganized people

Virgos can’t get along with messy people. Either match their level of being organized or just avoid any Virgo around you. If you make a mess, you invite their wrath upon you. So, like, don’t. Besides, how hard is not being messy?

*Glances nervously at uncleaned room*

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Libra – people who don’t care about friendship

They love their friends and can do anything for them. Unreciprocated love and care from friends can piss them off. Hey, if they’re going the extra mile for you, or ANY mile for you, the least you could do is show some appreciation, ya know?

Source: Showcase Productions


Scorpio – Being at the center of gossip

Kuch toh log kaheinge, logon ka kaam hai kehna. But, if you’re gossiping about a Scorpio, they’ll have their pincers out for you. Scorpios really hate being the center of gossip and this is why they try staying away from gossipmongers in the first place.

Source: Dharma Productions


Sagittarius – People who expect to be right all the time

They can’t stand people who assume themselves to be right all the time. Matlab, har kisi se galti hoti hai yaar. Maan lia karo. Just don’t act like you’re ALWAYS right when you’re around them.

Source: Dharma Productions


Capricorn – People who don’t fulfill their promises

If you are a person who struggles to keep his/her promises then…uh…just don’t ever promise a Capricorn anything They hate being around such kind of people so it is better to keep your word or simply stay away. And Capricorns can hold a grudge. You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of that.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Aquarius – Talking about the past

Don’t try to dig deep into their past because they are only comfortable sharing a censored version of it. They don’t want to talk about the things which are not a part of their life anymore. Or maybe they feel like it’s none of your business. After all, they’re all about the element of mystery. So, try to zip it about the past.

Source: Sol Productions


Pisces – Getting involved in other people’s business

People with this zodiac sign are the most humble and friendly creatures. The only thing which irritates them is when you are being too nosy or you are trying to intrude in affairs which have nothing to do with you so apnay kaam say rakhien.

Source: Dharma Productions


Alrighty, now that you all know what annoys each zodiac sign, let us know if this will help you act a certain way around your friends now. Or if this has helped you figure out why you’re so damn annoyed all the time, tab bhi bata dein. Shukria. 


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