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These Are 11 Of The Craziest Beauty Trends We Saw In 2017

These Are 11 Of The Craziest Beauty Trends We Saw In 2017

It seems like every few months, the beauty world will invent a new trend that will either amaze, surprise or straight-up horrify you. 2017 was filled with some very bizarre beauty trends. Trends come and go, but these will have you wondering how they even started.


1. Squiggly Eyebrows


Clearly people get bored of their eyebrows way too often. Earlier this year, makeup artists and beauty gurus were exaggerating their eyebrows and making them “squiggly.”


2. Floral Eyemakeup

source: / Instagram

Gorgeous yes, but definitely not practical…or doable for most.


3. Black Highlighter

source: / @goreglitter / Instagram

This anti highlighter has become very popular, but black and highlight don’t really go together.


4. Neon Eyeliner


This eyeliner look looks very cool but also very time-consuming.


5. Lollipop Lips

source: @maccosmetics / Instagram

This edgy makeup look is supposed to give the effect that you just sucked on a lollipop….it’s a no from me.


6. Holographic Everything


Holographic eyes, lips, and highlight…kinda love it.


7. Braided Eyebrows


These brows took Instagram by storm this year, and people kept wondering if people were actually braiding their eyebrows or just editing their pictures.


8. Glitter Roots


Who knew dumping glitter into your scalp would look so chic?


9. Extreme Manicures

via pinterest

These extreme manicures are so extra but so cute.


10. Faux Freckles

source: / pinterest

Galaxy freckles, rainbow freckles, metallic freckles….when did this even become a thing?


11. Nostril Extensions


And perhaps the weirdest trend of all…nostril hair extensions. Just…no.


Which one did you find the weirdest?

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