19 Absolutely Ridiculous Stereotypes in Pakistan

By Ali Gul | 6 Jul, 2015

Wherever you go in the world, every place has its local stereotypes. The thing about stereotypes is that they create false perceptions that are detrimental to societal progress.

So, the best thing to do is laugh at the ridiculousness of these stereotypes.


1. Hijabis: All of them are very shareef and perfect obedient housewife material.

Source: buzzfeed

But what if one of them wants to become a Burqa Avenger?


2. Girls wearing jeans: *censored*.

Source: imgflip

Shame shame.


3. People who can’t read English: Paindoo.

Source: twitter

Fun Fact: English is not our first language.


4. White skin: Desi Cinderella.

Source: memecenter

There is a reason why Fair and Lovely does so well in this country.


5. Dark skin: Not shaadi material.

Source: trollme

Dark people be like “hum kale hain tou kya hua dilwale hain”.


6. Unmarried Pakistani men past the age of 30: Eligible bachelor.

Source: tumblr

Shareef insaan


7. Unmarried Pakistani girl past the age of 30: “Shaadi say reh gayi bachaari”.

Source: Express Tribune

Probably not shareef or a RAW agent.


8. Men with beards: Shareef Maulvi OR Jihaadi terrorist.

Source: Cultureshockdotme

Because having a beard can’t be a fashion statement.


9. Prays 5 times a day: extremist/closed minded.

Source: memecenter

Jannat mujhe tera baap bheja ga?


10. Career oriented Pakistani men: The best husbands.

Source: amusing fun

Because a great husband is defined primarily by his career.


11. Career oriented Pakistani women: The worst wives.

Source: amusingfun

And you thought things might be a little different in the 21st century?


12. Pakistani male dancing at a Pakistani wedding/concert: What a fun guy.

Source: tumblr

Aunties be like: “He would be a good son-in law”.


13. Pakistani female dancing at a Pakistani wedding/concert: Third class aurat.

Source: bollywoodfoodclubs

She makes Nargis feel like Zubaida aapa.


14. Love marriage: abnormal

Source: Pakistan Tribe

Why marry strangers when you can marry your cousin?


15. Pakistani woman holding a Pakistan man’s hand: completely unacceptable.

Source: Tumblr

Besharam log.


16. Pakistani man holding a Pakistan man’s hand: perfectly acceptable.

Source: deviantart

True friends.


17. People who write “Wann@ frand$hip? I wil r0x ur lif3” = Fans of Taher Shah.

Source: Rewaj.pk

Blame our education system for this shit.


18. People with more than 5 children: Pakistan Cricket Board.

Source: Dawn

We need better cricketers. Don’t be judgemental.


19. People who buy condoms = tharki

Source: 9gag
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