25 Of The Weirdest Food Combos That May Sound Disgusting But Actually Taste Pretty Good

By Urfa Bhatti | 18 Mar, 2018

Some of the most life-altering scientific discoveries like penicillin or vaccination were a consequence of happenstance. Innovation, whether it be in science or food, is often the result of a serendipitous collaboration. In the spirit of innovation, this week we asked our readers what are the quirkiest foods they pair together that they find absolutely delicious and think the world needs to know more about. The responses we received varied from intriguing to downright disgusting and ungodly.

We’ve rounded up the most bizarre yet delicious food combinations that we think you should absolutely try (have you tried pizza and coffee the Imran Khan way, yet?). Are you ready to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure? Buckle up.


1. Peanut butter in your burger

Thai peanut satay sauce is a testimony for the versatility of peanut butter. Take a cue from that and don’t shy away from using peanut butter with meat. Pro tip: melt some peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Add equal parts chili garlic sauce and mustard. Spread generous amounts in your burger and thank us later for this complex but delicious mix.

Source: communitytable.parade.com


2. Lays Masala Chips with stirred yogurt as a dip

Any packaged spicy crisps would do. Yogurt is essentially a healthier alternative to sour cream. Jazz up the yogurt and convert it into an impressive yet simplistic dip by merely adding some roasted garlic.

Source: lynnskitchenadventures.com


3. Any Crisps with a chocolate sauce or Nutella

We can see why so many of you loved this combo.

Source: revolution-bars.com


4. Grilled cheese sandwich with Nutella

Are you ready for the best-grilled cheese sandwich of your life? Butter your toasts, spread Nutella on one side and then add cheese and grill to perfection. The salty cheesy and sweet Nutella are made for one another.

Source: seriouseats.com


5. Meethay chawal aur aachar

Yup, you heard that right. Agar halwa, puri kay sath achar kha saktay hein to meethay chawalon kay sath kyun nahi?


6. Zarda aur saalan

To some people, this may sound absurd but this strange pairing is extremely popular in Punjab. What’s better than freshly baked naans and karahi? Zarda and karahi! The sweet and the spicy flavors complement one another beautifully. This is a perfect example of why opposites attract. We believe that such different types of food and people are magnetically drawn together- it’s science!


7. Roti kay sath chawal (especially biryani)

This one’s essentially a desi burrito. So many cultures pair roti and chawal together. Our readers also recommend scooping up biryani with roti.

Source: Quora


8. McDonald’s fries dipped in their vanilla ice cream

This one seems to be very popular with our readers. Each time I read the same suggestion, I was reminded of this true story: During his college year, an acquaintance took his date to McDonald’s. The woman ordered fries with a hot fudge sundae. Every time she dunked her fries into the ice-cream, he winced with repulsion until he could take it no longer. Being a passive-aggressive man who was scared of a confrontation, he excused himself and pretended to go to the toilet but instead abandoned his date. In my opinion, the woman was a clear contender, she dodged a bullet. No one needs a close-minded partner who sucks at communication, in their lives. Moral of the story kids: fries with vanilla ice-cream could be a litmus test for open-mindedness and how the other person resolves conflict.

Source: halloindo.com


9. Kurkure in milk served as cereal

This one just goes against the laws of nature in my opinion, but so many of you keep on suggesting this. Our collective conscience recoils at the mere thought of pairing a savory item with milk. If you want some orange stuff in your doodh, add some jalebi! Readers also suggest Hot Cheetos or Doritos with milk ?

Source: Spoonuniversity/ Youtube

10. Aloo wala samosa with fruit chaat

A fruit version of samosa chaat, I’m down.

Source: shareblast.com


11. Rice with ketchup

From boiled rice to pulao to biryani, so many of you like your rice with ketchup. I can see how this may work. As a kid, I used to make fried rice with whatever leftovers we had, ketchup and butter and they used to be the best thing ever!

Source: warosu.org


12. Aam with roti or paratha

Sounds delicious tbh.

Source: pakpassion.net


13. Fries dipped in chai

Similar suggestions were pakoras dipped in chai.


14. Kharbooza ya garma with cheese slices

I mean, goray do it all the time and call it a fancy salad, so why can’t we? Sounds delicious to me.

Source: autumnandspring.com


15. Biscuits dipped in water

This was suggested far too many times, all I want to ask is: why won’t you just dip them in tea or milk?

Source: dailymail.co.uk


16. Hummus and paratha

Because pita is too mainstream and paratha is a far superior alternative.

Source: maggiebeer.com.au


17. Chicken Pulao topped with french fries

This sounds so delicious.


18. Burgers/ wraps made with french fries inside of them

Tried and tested- these bad boys are the bomb.

Source: fustanay.com


19. A sunny side up, runny fried egg rolled in a paratha and dipped in chai like a rusk

The liquidy yolk and chai mixture is not for the faint of heart. Things probably get pretty smelly.

Source: @super.duper.yumm.cooking/ Socimage


20. Gajrela with dahi

This one is very popular across Punjab. Tangy yogurt and sweet kheer are meant for one another. Rao wali kheer with dahi also makes a delectable combo.


21. Mangoes topped with a pinch of red chili powder and lemon juice

Sounds chatpata, I can’t wait for the summer to try this one out.

Source: caughteating.com


22. Cucumber with mustard or ketchup

Think of an open-faced sandwich with limited toppings.

Source: mollychamberlin


23. Oreos with Peanut butter

The origins of this pairing can be traced back to the movie Parent Trap. The pairing has stood the test of time- it’s still a classic almost 20 years later. Use generous amounts of chunky peanut butter for added texture.

Source: beevar.com


24. Doodh soda made with Coca-Cola or Pepsi

While doodh soda made with sprite or 7 Up is very popular in Pakistan, few people try the mix with other fizzy drinks. I personally find the version with Coke or Pepsi much better.

Via: Tumblr


25. Knorr/ magic noodles with cheese on top

Because cheese makes everything better

Via: Tumblr


But you know what’s a combo that’s not weird or disgusting?

Khanay kay har nawalay kay sath chai ka ghoont…. aaaaahh

If you’re doing this, you’re a real chai-a-holic and we’re here to tell you there is help available.


Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite weird food pairing.


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