19 People Whose Weekend Plans Will Make You Incredibly Jealous

By Sarmad Amer | 3 Apr, 2016

Weekend – the two(sometimes one) days of expecting to do nothing but laying in bed and binge watching the latest season of House of Cards but in reality you end up running around all weekend like a headless chicken because you’ve got so many things piled up from the week and upar se ghar walon ke bhi kaam.

These people have weekend goals that will make you jealous AF(not really). Check ’em out:


1. This incredible thinker


2. This princely weekend planner


3. This mama’s boy

Yeah, mama’s SLAVE boy(just kidding, love your moms, guys).


4. This hopelessly unambitious dude


5. This person who has some khoobsorat plans


6. This foodie

7. And this one with the failed weekend plans


8. This one who expects a little too much out of life

Boy, is he in for a rude awakening or what!


9. This entrepreneurial mind


10. This one’s life is stuck in a loop


11. This one who speaks to our hearts


12. This Lala fan


13. This social girl

14. Or like this heave drinker


15. This “celebrity”


16. This one who lives on the national drink


17. And aapa Zubaida

Obviously, one of the many fakes


18. Or maybe this person, who speaks the truth


19. But to be very honest, this weekend plan seems like the most widely practiced and loved 


Cover Image: SHINE

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