Wearing Spectacles for the First Time: Here’s What You Will Have to Bear

By Aam Nawab | 19 Sep, 2023

Three years ago, I wore spectacles for the first time and absolutely fell in love because that’s when I truly saw the world. However, I never knew seeing the world might not be as fun as it seems. There’s a lot that you have to hear and bear including unnecessary advice related to your glasses every time you meet a relative after years. Be prepared because it took me forever to understand.


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Unsolicited suggestions

Is your eyesight weak or you’re wearing glasses because you want to look fashionable? Just look at my dark circles yaar but what’s the issue if I consider both? Also, a random auntie beta LASIK karwa lou rishta milnay main phir masla hota hai. Please don’t mind but you understand, right?


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Losing the first pair will be more painful than a breakup 

You can’t hate your friend if you accidentally leave the glasses on your bed and she sits on them. That’s how me and the first pair of my glasses parted ways. It took me one week to find the exact pair again. Lucky me.


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Where are my glasses?

It will never go away, I guess. Although your specs will sit right on top of your nose or might climb a little more to reach your head when you click a picture, your heart will definitely skip a beat if your specs aren’t around.


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Glasses and COVID-19

You might be surprised to read this but COVID-19 was probably the worst time to wear the glasses. Masks and spectacles were the most annoying combination, especially during winter. If you wear glasses, you will definitely understand the pain of cleaning your glasses every two seconds otherwise lowering your eyeglasses like your principal is the only option left. You will look cute of course.

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If you love rain, the specs are not for you 

The very first time I thought about getting LASIK surgery done was when I walked in the rain at Mall Road, Murree without wearing my glasses. It was a lot to bear.

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You didn’t see that coming, right?


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Author: Nisma Saeed
Instagram Handle: nismasaeed_

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