18 Intense Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Can Relate To

By Malaika Tahir | 11 Nov, 2016

Do you wear glasses?

Your fancy ass glasses are everything for you, but with this beautiful support system, comes struggle of its own kind. Here are the struggles everyone with weak eyesight can totally relate to:


1. You just cannot enjoy the rain like everyone else does

Source: Broadway Video


2. It’s embarrassing when you step out of an air conditioned or a heated car while you wear your glasses

Source: popsugar.com
Source: popsugar.com


3. You can’t exercise gracefully with your glasses on 

One push up and your glasses fog up.

Source: tumblr.com
Source: Showcase Productions


4. Drinking hot beverages isn’t easy either

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions


5. You can’t fight with a sibling with grace if you wear glasses

Meri ainakkkk tooot jaye giiiiii.

Source: The Living Picture/ Youtube


6. The struggle of looking for your glasses without your glasses is REAL

Source: lifedeathprizes.com
Source: lifedeathprizes.com


7. Your friends do the two finger test on you ever since you start to wear glasses for the first time

Ye kitni ungliaan hain?

Source: tumblr.com
Via: Tumblr


8. And ask you to describe how the world looks like without your glasses

Source: firmoo.com
Source: firmoo.com


9. People automatically assume that you’re a “serious” person if you wear glasses

Source: tumblr.com
Via: Tumblr


10. People try out your glasses and are always surprised at what they see

People: Tumhari tu bohat zyada weak hai 

You: Yeah, thanks for making my day 🙂

Source: tumblr.com
Via: Tumblr

11. For emergency important events, you have to go fetch and wear your glasses first

Source: Giphy
Source: Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures


12. When you remove your glasses, everyone has something to say

Source: Sadia Jabbar Production


13. Bear hugs can’t happen without you messing up your glasses

Source: tumblr.com
Source: Berlanti Productions


14. Oiling your hair is hard because once oil gets on your glasses, there is no turning back

Source: yummymummyclub.ca
Source: yummymummyclub.ca


15. You have accidentally slept on your glasses on more than one occasion

Source: justanotherpixel.net
Source: justanotherpixel.net


16. Changing your frame is a big decision if you wear glasses

You don’t want to invite too much attention, so you try to pick something as close to your old glasses as possible.

Via Tumblr


17. You can’t wear sunglasses and you absolutely hate that

Source: youtube.com
Via: YouTube


18. But you love to wear your glasses because they help you see the world

And they also help you pass as a true intellectual 😉

Source: giphy.com
Via: giphy.com


Rock those glasses, chashmish.


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