‘In a Station of the Metro' but in Pakistan

By Aam Nawab | 18 Sep, 2023

I often think about Ezra Pound’s emotions if he were to write a poem about a Metro Station in Pakistan.

The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
Petals on a wet, black bough.

In my point of view, Pound must have quit because every station has something peculiar to offer. Here’s why:


No-Standing Area:

The first thing that must have made Pound quit is seeing people standing in a no-standing area that is quite close to the emergency exit door. Interesting, right? I mean, why not? But no one can make Pound understand what we believe.
Bus kisi kay baap ki hai kya? Also, a no-standing area does not mean you’ll find an area to sit.


Standing in line? Forget it yaar.

Dear Pound, you’re not in Paris. Faizabad Metro station is definitely the best to understand the apparition of faces. We as Pakistanis really enjoy breaking rules. Please jot that down for your poem while you stand squeezed between a bunch of men.

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Ezra meets Azrah

 Because Ezra is not Azrah, he’ll probably have a better experience on the men’s side. There’s double space but a huge crowd too. He’ll spend a lifetime finding the petals. I mean, deodorant tou laga lein behen.
Candy Gourlay begins her novel “Tall Story” by:

Source: nisma’slibrary

There is no such thing as space, please!

There is no such thing as space in this bus or in our lives. Nope, not at all. But if by chance you get some, remember it’s a sin to offer it to someone twice your age. Where else will you ever get to sit again if not on the bus? 


Source: meme-arsenal.com

Beware of pickpockets

Storytime: I won a scholarship once and got a tablet. Two months later, I started a job and decided to go to work by bus keeping my tablet in my bag every day as it made work a lot easier. As usual, the bus was overcrowded. Three women started pushing almost everyone standing close to the door. I tried to stop but instead got slapped right on my back. That’s not all folks. While I tried to figure out who must’ve thought to treat me so nicely, my station came. As I got off at the Metro station, my bag wasn’t very heavy. The rest is history.


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Author: Nisma Saeed
Instagram handle: nismasaeed_

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