11 Struggles Of Travelling In The University Point Everyday

By Alizeh Naushad Gheewala | 12 Mar, 2021

This article is dedicated to all those people who travel by the university point and may or may not have struggled with these experiences. My heart goes out to you all.

1. Waking up early to catch the university point

This has got to be that one thing we all hate, it’s universal I think.

Source: Broadway Video

2. Being late that one unfortunate day

Haven’t we all been late that one day the bus driver decides to come early? And then you end up contacting friends trying to catch the bus.

Source: Little Stranger, INC

3. If the university point is late, you’re late to class.

It feels like a walk of shame when entering the lecture hall and the teacher goes silent and gives you the look. It sucks more if you’re a frontbencher.

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4. Not getting the window seat in the university point sucks

The window seat is a life savior when the point gets too crowded. It helps you breathe. And when you don’t get the window seat, you end up being squeezed in the middle or by the people standing.

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5. When you don’t get a place to sit… and have to stand throughout the ride

You have to spend the next 45 minutes trying to balance yourself, and if the driver decides to suddenly brake, there’s no guarantee of you not falling.

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6. Someone sleeping on your shoulder in the university point…

Nobody respects your personal space, and chances are, you’ll most likely feel guilty for waking the other person up and tell them to find somebody else’s shoulder. Instead, you’ll spend the whole ride being uncomfortable.

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7. If you want to leave early, you can’t!

When classes end early and you’re done for the day, you still spend time in university because the point leaves at a specific time. The wait for the time to pass is tiring.

Source: BBC Studios

8. People constantly annoy you with calls to find out where the point is

As you enjoy your morning music jam or if you’ve fallen asleep, you get a call from an acquaintance wondering about the whereabouts of the bus or them asking you to tell the driver to wait.

Source: Outerbanks Entertainment

9. Having to sit with people you usually avoid

The most awkward it can get.

Source: Red Ladders Entertainment

10. Having early morning conversations…

If someone strikes up a conversation with you, as a courtesy you have to be polite and have a conversation with them. And if you’re an introvert, good luck trying to cut the conversation short and getting back to just thinking about random things.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions

11. Getting in the point is a task in the afternoon.

Good luck getting past all those people trying to ghussofy. The pushing and the dhakkas are something you learn to deal with in time.

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If you feel we missed something, do share it with us in the comments. What’s your experience been like? Let us know!



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