We Need To Talk About How Veena Malik Has Become A Twitter Troll

By Arslan Athar | 11 Jun, 2019

Veena Malik is known for being bold and outspoken; she speaks her mind without fear about how others will react to it. I don’t need to remind you all about the many scandals and controversies the actor has found herself in the middle of.

Recently, the actor has taken to Twitter and openly expressed her opinions on current affairs, politics and our relations with India.

We often talk about how celebrities have the moral responsibility to comment on current affairs and issues in society. Since they are public figures with social capital, many people believe that they have the ability to sway public opinion and create awareness around issues. They are also some people who argue that celebrities have no place in such discussions, especially on social media. According to these people, they aren’t experts and may spread more misinformation. However, considering both sides, celebs definitely hold power and should use, but in moderation and with caution.

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Veena Malik’s Twitter presence has recently become pretty significant, firstly because of the volume of her tweets and also their content.


She’s a diehard patriot and proudly from a military family. 


And she’s also going the political route! 


Actually, Veena’s political views are quite intense and this is where I start getting uncomfortable.

Like I understand you disagree with some people and their politics but calling them ‘Nani Amma’ is a bit much.


For example, this tweet!

Calling people names, that too derogatory names, is just NOT cool. It’s 2019, Veena!


She calls them these names continuously!


We often see some language come from politicians, but not from public figures like celebrities.


Then again, Veena does have a right to express herself and her opinions. 


And Veena has made it clear that there’s more to come. 


Celebrities have what is called ‘soft power’. People follow them for their personalities and because of their connection with them is so intimate. Celebs are in our homes, and everywhere we go. People do hinge on their every word and it is because of this mass appeal (an appeal that surpasses politicians or public office holders) that there NEEDS to be some degree of caution with how you present your opinions. We are in no way saying that Veena isn’t entitled to her opinion, but rather having a discussion over how she’s presenting her views. There’s a fine line between ‘expressing your views’ and ‘being a troll’.

Calling someone ‘khusra’ isn’t how anyone should be presenting their ‘views’ on politics. Beyond it just being rude, it isn’t a productive way of putting forward a political opinion- it’s just name calling, we here in Pakistan see that on our TV talk shows at night, and yes, those are super helpful in moving the nation forward, right?

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