We Just Found Out How Much It Costs To Make An iPhone 11 Pro Max And Astaghfirullah

By Anoosha Rehan | 18 Oct, 2019

The love and loyalty of Apple phone owners is one that can never be questioned and, as the company launches a new iPhone, the demand for it is never seen more. This year, Apple launched its 11 series and although the prices of iPhone have never been economical, the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max were a little too out of hand.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB is priced at about Rs. 3,05,999/- in Pakistan

The 6.5 inches phone is the most premium version of the new iPhone range and is distinct for its three camera design. The new phone has been so wildly successful that analysts are expecting around 47 million units to be sold in just three months, from September to November.

Source: apple.com


But you’ll be shocked to know how much it actually costs Apple to make an iPhone 11 Pro Max

It has been calculated that it took only around Rs. 76,788/-  to make an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The most unique feature of the new iPhone, the triple camera, is the most expensive one costing around Rs. 11,643/-.

The OLED display, offering rich colors and high contrasts, costs around Rs. 10,439/-. Designed by Apple Inc. The Apple A13 bionic chip costs approximately Rs. 10,046/-.

The 512GB storage itself is priced at  Rs. 12,278/-.

Source: venturebeat.com


The folks at TechInsight, opened an iPhone 11 Pro Max to check out how much each component of the phone cost

The 512GB storage is a coveted feature that allured a lot of Apple users, like myself, perhaps rationalizing the hefty price of the iPhone. However, an important finding has led us to know that the storage for volatile memory costs around Rs. 3,052/- and Rs. 9,227/- for the non-volatile memory. This means, all the unique features weren’t really pricey, after all.

Source: techinsights.com

The iPhone 11’s non-electronics cost around 9,500 PKR and 4,673 rupees for the RF components. The Baseband Processor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is calculated to be 9,968 in Pakistani rupees.

All the relatively inexpensive components add up to around 14,054 PKR. Both, 11 Pro Max’s battery and the power management/audio costs 1,648 PKR each. The sensors and mixed signals are priced at 236 rupees each while the supporting materials cost around 1,176 PKR. The substrates add up to 2,570 rupees and the other costs cover up to 3,270 Pakistani rupees. The final assembly and testing costs 3,270 rupees. All of this makes a grand total of  Rupees 14,054.


So, the total cost of making an iPhone Pro Max 512GB is


approximately Rs. 76,788 PKR/-

Saying Apple made a profit of Rs. 1,50,700/- might be an overstatement, given all the extra costs for logistics and marketing. However, even after the cost is cut due to these unseen expenses, the profit still is way TOO HUGE.

Source: @omgvoice / Facebook

It’s the fundamental right of every business to make money out of their product but to exploit customer loyalty with such an unreasonable profit, is rather shocking and, frankly, probably disappointing for many loyal users.. With such prices, kidneys might lose their worth overtime.

What do you think about the tear down of 11 Pro Max? Let us know in the comments below.


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