Waqar Younis Just Said He's Quitting Social Media After An “Allah Ka Banda” Hacked His Twitter & Liked An Adult Video

By Aam Nawab | 29 May, 2020

Waqar Younis

The sudden growth of social media has taken everyone by surprise, all around the world. Many people are finding it hard to catch up to the sudden spurt. Older people, in particular, who haven’t grown up with social media have a little bit of a harder time. We’ve all seen our parents or uncles and aunties send wrong messages or photos in family WhatsApp groups or post TMI updates on Facebook. They’re also disproportionately more likely to also get scammed or hacked online. Something similar happened with former Pakistan cricket captain Waqar Younis.


Last night Waqar Younis appeared to have liked a very… umm… adult tweet

The Twitter account of former cricketer Waqar Younis showed an adult tweet depicting a black man and a white woman in an intimate video.

Via: Twitter


As soon as people noticed it, they couldn’t help but wonder about Waqar Younis’ accidental slip up


Others wondered why Waqar Younis had suddenly become a top trend on social media in the middle of a pandemic


Of course, many couldn’t help but joke about what they thought was the cricketer’s interesting social media activity


Some even wondered if Waqar Younis could be hacked



There was no comment from the cricketer all night so everyone thought it might be legit but then this morning Waqar bhai himself made an official statement

He addressed the video that was liked through his Twitter account and said that some “Allah ka banda” had hacked his Twitter. He also said that this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened and that due to this repeated hacking and due to the fact that he is looking to protect his family he would be quitting social media for the foreseeable future.


Sadly, Pakistanis are finding it hard to believe the reasoning given by Waqar bhai in his video about the hacking

People were of the opinion that he may be trying to cover up for accidentally having liked the tweet without realizing that it was his public social media account. They also said that quitting was an overreaction because the incident wasn’t even that big a deal.


So many people refused to believe the statement


While others, like comedian Ali Gul Pir, defended the cricketer 


Whether or not Waqar bhai got hacked or accidentally liked the adult tweet himself, we might never know. At the same time, we’re in the middle of a damn pandemic and everyone needs some way to cope with these truly unprecedented times so mayeb just live and let live. Cheer up Waqar bhai, don’t leave social media for something that we all might be guilty of doing in private.



Cover image via: dnaindia.com

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