Wajih From ‘Cheekh' Just Proved That He's Absolutely Ruthless And He's Only Getting More Out Of Control

By Arslan Athar | 6 May, 2019

‘Cheekh’ has been captivating audiences for quite some time. The murder-mystery show has grown into a legal battle and a family drama that I am living for. Wajih, played by Bilal Abbas Khan, is one of the strongest villains we have seen in a while. He’s determined to end the case against him, despite the fact that he actually murdered Nayab. His fight is met equally with Mannat.

The clash between Mannat and Wajih is the main focus of the show, it’s a classic fight between good and evil. 

These past few weeks, we’ve seen the evil within Wajih get progressively stronger and stronger. It seems as though he has no bounds, and it’s frightening to watch.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


Some of his recent bold escapades include locking up Mannat’s mother in their house’s storeroom. 

Mannat’s mom lets him into the house (BIG mistake), and he begins to intimidate her and eventually uses a false premise to get her into her storeroom, right at the back of the house. He shoves her inside and asks her to get Mannat to drop the case. He then proceeds to lock her inside and runs away. After getting Mannat’s house thrashed, this was the first major move he made, and a move that directly targets and harms someone in Mannat’s household. Mannat does not take this lying down and drives over to his house and confronts Wajih, however, he remains unnerved.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


Before this, Wajih took to social media and spread a rumor. He leads people to believe that Mannat fell in love with him and that the case is a result of him rejecting her. Wajih even admits to his sister that this entire video was a lie. This further cements the fact that Wajih will go to any cost, and cross any lengths to end the case against him, and destroy Mannat in the process. The collateral damage in the process of saving himself holds no meaning for Wajih.

In this week’s episode, his intimidation techniques continue, but this time his target is Ramzan Chacha. 

As the date for the case’s hearing nears, Wajih focuses now on the weakest link in the chain, Nayab’s father, Ramzan Chacha. Wajih buys his house right from underneath him and asks his gundas to make sure he leaves his home immediately and that no one in the neighborhood helps them out. They’re made to live on the streets, totally helpless and alone.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


Wajih only seems to be getting more and more powerful, as even in the courtroom, his behavior does not change. 

In the courtroom, Wajih tries to keep eye contact with Ramzan Chacha as he takes the stand. As Ramzan speaks to the court, Wajih indicates to him to keep quiet and you can hear Ramzan’s voice quake as he sees Wajih. It’s clear that his power and fright tactics are working.

Wajih knows that what he did was wrong, however, his honor and image are more important to him. He doesn’t care about justice, or serving time. His only aim is to save himself, and he’s making it more and more clear that this aim will come at whatever cost is necessary. Also from his behavior, it seems as though he blames Mannat and Ramzan for his problems, and therefore, they must face the brunt of his anger and obsession with getting back at them.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment


The preview for the next episode spells grave danger for Mannat as we can see Wajih driving after her, as she runs on the road. This scene is cut to Shayan crying uncontrollably.

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