Waheed Murad's Son Just Said Coke Studio Is Run By ‘Idiots' After They Ruined “Ko Ko Korina”

By Arslan Athar | 22 Oct, 2018

Waheed Murad’s son just apologized to the whole nation for the horrid ‘Ko Ko Korina’ cover.


Waheed Murad made it BIG when the song Ko Ko Korina was filmed on him


But as everyone knows recently, the song was selected by Coke Studio to be honored…

Source: Coke Studio


But they ruined it!


Even Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari hated it

Source: samaa.tv


Adding to the long list of people who hated the song, Waheed Murad’s son just publicly apologized for letting Coke Studio cover the song.

I profusely apologize to all Waheed Murad fans for allowing #cokestudio to remake or should I say 'ruin' the classic 'ko…

Gepostet von Adil Murad am Montag, 22. Oktober 2018



Via: giphy.com


He said it’s run by IDIOTS!

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


People deemed this season as the ‘season from hell’

Via Adil Murad / Facebook

And they seemed to agree that ‘Ko Ko Korina’ is a national treasure and they ruined it 

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


Coke Studio is a yahoodi saazish, they said

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


A lot of Coke Studio fans were also left hurt 

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


Quit playing games with our heart, Coke Studio 

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


Debates were sparked

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


#GirlfriendStudio HAHAHAHAAH

Via Adil Murad / Facebook


It’s even made people really just question life 

Via Adil Murad / Facebook

This season of Coke Studio was really disappointing, the ‘Ko Ko Korina’ cover being the height of it. I too was an avid Coke Studio fan, and it makes me SO sad to see how the show has fallen, quality wise.

I’m not going to ask about you all thought of Coke’s ‘Ko Ko Korina’, but tell me, how happy are you that someone called Coke Studio idiotic?


15 Coke Studio Songs That Are Actually Pretty Good, To Help You Forget “Ko Ko Korina”



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