I Watched The First Episode Of Feroze Khan’s New Show “Romeo Weds Heer” & I Don’t Get Why People Like It

By Arslan Athar | 22 Oct, 2018

Feroze Khan and Sana Javed created on-screen magic with ‘Khaani’. People became obsessed with their pairing on shows. After the hit show, they went on to do a telefilm called ‘Dino Ki Dulhaniya’ and now their latest drama just dropped. ‘Romeo Weds Heer’ definitely is a name that catches your attention. The GEO network really put a lot of work in promoting in the show, especially with the promos. The first episode released yesterday and I watched it.

I just did NOT understand the show and the humor. 

The show is centered around two college students; Romeo and Heer. Heer is an ambitious girl who wants to complete her education before she gets married. Romeo is your typical ‘waila’ boys, oh you know the type, those guys who just arrive on a bike, and whose sole purpose to impress girls. They’re sworn enemies as Heer falls victim to a campus prank, for which she blames Romeo, and they fall into a vicious cycle of getting back at each other.

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That’s the basic premise of the show; it is on this base that they build the comedy of the show. 

Romeo is overly masculine and belongs to a wealthy family. His parents are both professors and are constantly trying to do better than the other; their competition takes first place, and their children are usually neglected. Romeo’s life revolves around seeming cool and is the typical ‘cool boy’ which is a character that has been done to death. The jokes were all redundant and just plain old boring.

Source: GEO Entertainment


Then there’s Heer’s family. She’s from a middle-class household and her parents are the typical ‘Urdu-speaking’ parents. The Jinnah Topi and the specific lehja, just nothing new like at all. The worst part of her story was when a rishta came in for her. The guy was from Dubai and when he turns up, he was wearing an Arab headdress, a horrible shirt, and sunglasses, and for some reason, he had a THICK Arab accent. The man couldn’t speak a straight line of Urdu without some sprinkles of Arabic. Yes, if you’re wondering, he pulls the ‘MashAllah’ line when he sees Heer for the first time.

The acting was unnecessarily hyped up and exaggerated, and the jokes were just not original and NOT FUNNY AT ALL. I was just BEYOND shocked that people liked it…


Okay, am I only one who doesn’t find this funny


There was one person who spoke my mind 

Feroze loyalists were quick to swoop in and claim that shooting took place in 2017, making copying ‘Suno Chanda’ totally impossible.


Have you seen the show yet? What are your thoughts?

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