Urwa Hocane Wished Farhan Saeed A Happy Birthday By Singing A Song & People Are Asking Her To Stop

By Hafsa Ahmad | 17 Sep, 2019

Urwa Hocane singing for Farhan Saeed just shows she didn’t learn anything from the last time she tried singing

So, for Farhan Saeed’s birthday, Urwa shared an incredibly cute video of them together. And in case you’re wondering what’s so crazy about that, here’s the plot twist: Urwa was singing!


Urwa Hocane recently wished Farhan Saeed a happy birthday by singing a song for him, with him

Urwa had tried her hand at singing a while back and poor thing got trolled so badly. Something tells me she probably didn’t notice the trolling or doesn’t really give a fuck about it because she just sang for her husband on his birthday. But this time it was a little different; this time people saw how cute they are. (Probably because she admitted to having failed to sing along to his majestic voice.)


But before anything else, trolls paved their way in.


People were also concerned if an Indian song was the best choice by Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed given recent relationship with India

Given that they are public figures an argument could be made for them to be more sensitive but like, c’mon it’s a song. Not like they’re commercially supporting India or making money for their economy, right?


Surprisingly enough though, some people actually liked the way Urwa sang


Meanwhile, others thought that the couple is just too cute.


Even Shehzad Roy thought the video was absolutely adorable and wished Farhan a Happy Birthday!

While everyone may not agree on Urwa being a great singer, they certainly would on the fact that they make an amazing couple. The love that the two share is exemplary and we wish them both a long and happy married life together. Please give us all more chances to gossip and enjoy your lives vicariously.


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Cover image via: @VJURWA / Twitter

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