An FIR Was Registered Against The Ghotki Mob And Tabdeeli Shaid Ab Waqai Aa Rahi Hai

By Janita Tahir | 17 Sep, 2019

Ghotki mob getting their punishment is going to be true justice

Recently, after a Hindu principal was accused of blasphemy, a mob of rioters vandalized the school, destroyed three Hindu temples and attacked their houses to the point that Hindus were scared to even come out on the streets. Pakistanis were outraged on behalf of the Hindu minority and many took to social media to seek justice.


Many condemned the actions of the Ghotki mob after they ransack Hindu temples in the area


People demanded a proper investigation 


Celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi also spoke up against the mindset that gave birth to Ghotki mob


The people of Ghotki united together and came out to support the Hindu minority


And now it looks like justice will finally be served for the Ghotki mob incident

Additional Inspector General of Police Dr. Jamil Ahmed announced that FIRs had been registered against the rioters. 5 rioters have been arrested and the rest are being identified. A total of 200 people are booked for the incident.

Mr. Ahmed gave a bold statement regarding Pakistan’s stance on the abuse of blasphemy law, “this is a warning to all such miscreants that no one will be allowed to challenge the writ of the state,” he said.

Later he took to Twitter to further clarify the situation, further:


Pakistanis lauded the police for doing the good thing, for once

It’s much appreciated to see the blasphemy law applied to everyone equally, regardless of the religion.


Pakistan has proven that actions speak louder than words by actually taking to task the Ghotki mob

The swift action against the rioters is more significant than any verbal comment made and will hopefully go a long way to set a positive example for the future.


The country has shown that it is trying to make efforts toward better safety for its minorities

Many Pakistanis had demanded that respect should be given to the white- that represents the non-muslims- in the Pakistani flag and with these actions, Pakistan has proven that it will protect its minorities and stand firm against discrimination.


It’s important to ensure that blasphemy law is not misused and people are thanking the government for trying to do the right thing

With religion being such a sensitive topic, the word ‘blasphemy’ is enough to cause blind rage. However, it’s up to our authorities to make sure the law is not misused and distorted out of proportion to fulfill negative goals. By arresting these individuals, Pakistan has demonstrated exactly that.

Pakistan is home to many and it will only prosper if all its citizens are given their due rights regardless of race and religion. This step by the authorities to take to task the mob that vandalized Hindu temples is a welcome initiative.


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