Hilarious Urdu Puns Fresh Out Of The Oven, Just For You

Hilarious Urdu Puns Fresh Out Of The Oven, Just For You

Urdu puns, it is an interesting concept, right? Well, here are some commonly used phrases in English and our madri zubaan Urdu turned into some freshly baked puns and the results were hilarious.

Presenting some garam garm punny Urdu phrases:


1. Naughty

Geddit? Nau tea. 😀


2. Today’s headlines

Via: Youtube

3. Sara jug ghooma

…per tum jesa koi nahin mila mujhe

Via: Twitter


4. Pait mein marror perhna

Via: Twitter


5. Baat ghoomana

Via: Twitter

Such baat, much wow.


6. Sheikh Rasheed ki degree

Via: Twitter

Sheikh Rasheed ki D giri 😛


7. Geo tase Samaa se

Via: Twitter


8. Brand new Honda city

Via: Twitter

Honda seeti.


9. “Baby ko base pasand hay”

Source: Visualphotos


Baby ko acid nahi pasand.


10. A fa-moose person

Via: Twitter

Who could be more fa-moose than Fawad Khan, right now?


11. Lota

Source: Urdu Medium Page Via: Facebook


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Adapted from this thread.

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