19 Of The Most Intense Struggles That You Can Relate To If Your Life's Very Messy And Disorganized AF

By Hurmat Riaz | 18 Aug, 2017

Are you disorganized?

For those who have a habit of always being punctual and organized, they always get appreciated for having it all together but what about those who don’t have it together? Though it seems like that they’re being unorganized on purpose but they’re trying their best to have it all together. Here’s an insight the life of someone who’s always a disorganized hot mess:


1. You are always late and hence a disorganized mess everywhere

Be it attending an event or going to watch a movie, catch a flight; you’re just late.

Source: Urdu1


2. You’re always in a rush

You don’t even know where you’re going to be in the next few minutes. You’re having a marathon in life all the time.

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


3. Sometimes you feel like you need a personal assistant to get your act together

And you have a friend in mind who will be perfect for that job but you can’t ask them because they have hopes and ambitions and stuff. #buribaat

Source: Fox Network


4. When you make new friends, you’re scared of the moment when they’ll start noticing your carelessness

You try to hide it but you know it’s going to reveal one day.

Source: Relativity Media


5. You always surprise yourself every time you come up with a new excuse for being late

The way your mind works to jot down excuses is phenomenal!

Via: Tumblr


6. You’ve bought calendars, planners, watches and whatnot to improve on being disorganized in life

You buy them thinking that they’ll solve your issues but they stay there for the rest of your life on the shelf.

Via: Tumblr


7. Sometimes, you get a call early on a Saturday morning reminding you for a meetup and you suddenly realize that you totally forgot about it

And your start regretting that godawful moment this plan was made.

Source: deenga.com


8. You say on the phone that you’ll be there in time but you know that you’ll be a few hours late because you’re THAT disogranized

You stay an hour or two in your bed, scrolling through your Instagram.

Via: Tumblr


9. But then you start getting calls, you say you’re on your way when you’re really just

Source: Screen Gems / Olive Bridge Entertainment


10. Your friends complain to you and leave subtle signs for you to pick on that they are angry at you

You know that you should work on it but you don’t know where to start.

Via: Tumblr


11. Sometimes you dress up in the most interesting way possible all thanks to your disorganized wardrobe

Because you don’t find anything matching when you’re getting ready.

Source: Author


12. You dread the moment when someone comes to your disorganized place uninvited

Because your room is a messy hell hole and you cannot stand confrontation over it.

Via: Giphy


13. The surprise visit is even more scary if it’s from someone who is a clean freak

They will start cleaning up your messed up room because they cannot control their OCD.

Source: truegif.com


14. If you’re beghairat enough, you will let them clean your room so things are wee bit less disorganized

Because that’s the only time you get to live in an organized place. LOL.

Source: New Line Cinema

15. But once your room is clean, you’re unable to find your stuff all thanks to being disorganized AF

And you start to believe that maybe unorganized mess is the way of your life.

Source: Telepictures / Giphy

16. You lose your stuff all the time in your disorganized life

Keys, cell phone, chargers, rings, wallet, to name a few but they somehow magically appear out of nowhere and you marvel at yourself for keeping it together.

Source: Heyday Films / Warner Bros.

17. If you meet your friends after a long time, they expect that you’d have changed from your disorganized self

But when you arrive late at the meet up, they realize that things are the same with you.

Via: Tumblr

18. You occasionally get lectured by your friends and people at work to organize your life

And you just stand there, listening to them quietly.

Via: Tumblr

19. But now we have research to back up that our disorganized life is actually a sign of success!

So yay us!

Source: deenga.com

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