UNICEF Just Stated That 5 Million Babies Will Be Born In Pakistan Because Of Coronavirus

By Sana Yasmeen | 9 May, 2020

A report released by UNICEF states that 5 million babies will be born in Pakistan during the coronavirus pandemic.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the normal functioning of societies all around the world and has restricted people to just their homes, isolated with their families or partners.

Upon the announcement of the lockdown in the country in March, people had some genuine concerns

At the very beginning, people had come up with jokes about the aftermath of this lockdown with many stating that ‘lots of babies’ were a guaranteed result.

Well, seems like the jokes are about to be true as UNICEF reports the expected number of babies to be 5 million after the lockdown

Just recently, UNICEF has released a report about the babies projected to be born up to 40 weeks after the pandemic lockdown. This report has issued the expected highest number of births in South Asian countries with India ruling the list with an expected number of 20 million births and Pakistan, in the second position, with about 5 million births.

To quote the report directly:

“Countries in South Asia with the expected highest numbers of births in the nine months since the COVID-19 pandemic declaration are: India (20 million), Pakistan (5 million), Bangladesh (2.4 million) and Afghanistan (1 million).”

According to the report, new mothers and newborn babies will have to experience realities.

This report by UNICEF suggests that a great measure of precaution and care must be taken by the expecting mothers as well as their families because of the risk probability. UNICEF has also appealed to the government and the health care providers to follow a certain set of instructions to be safe.

Source: unicef.org

People took to Twitter to talk about the UNICEF report on coronavirus and even joke about it

‘Fasla rakhein warna Faisal hojayega’ taken too seriously

It did lead to some people talking about the importance of understanding the concept of ‘protection’ after UNICEF report on coronavirus

However, some people believe this is a normal trend in Pakistan, regardless of whatever the UNICEF report says about coronavirus

You can access the complete report released by UNICEF over here.

This sure is quite a bit of news. What do you think about this report? Have something to add? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image via unicef.org

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