Umm, Indians Have Started Drinking Pishi And Taking Baths In Gobar To Counter Coronavirus

By Noor | 18 Mar, 2020

Coronavirus has dominated news headlines around the world for at least a few weeks, now. While doctors and the whole medical world is trying to find the perfect cure for the virus, there are many people around the world who are falling into a trap of finding remedies that are questionable. Like some people on the other side of Wagah, in India, who are trying to come up with some ‘weird’ solutions to counter the virus.


So, a group of Indians are fighting off Coronavirus by taking a “bath” in a puddle full of cow shit

These men in southern India are said to believe that taking a bath in gobar will make them immune to the currently pandemic virus.



There are also reports that in India, patients of Coronavirus are being given a treatment using a mixture of cow dung and urine


If taking a bath in the gobar wasn’t unique enough Indians are fighting Coronavirus by having pishi drinking parties too, apparently

Hindu activists arranged a party to drink cow’s urine. This party highlighted their underlying belief which states that coronavirus can be treated by a cow’s urine.


Despite being warned by international scientists, the urine party was held in many states of India

Due to the cow being respected as a religious symbol, many people in India are said to firmly believe that cow’s urine can cure the deadly Coronavirus.


Some people on social media called these “remedies” by Indians to counter Coronavirus as a result of extremist religious ideology being perpetuated by the Government of India

Critics basically said that activities like these have tarnished the image of Indians globally and was counter to scientific achievements of Indians on the world stage.


A lot of the Indians tried to knock some sense into their fellows too

With the spread of the virus getting more intense than ever, everyone really needs to understand the remedies given by scientists and doctors from around the world. Religious beliefs are good to keep one’s faith intact in such trying times but it is simple scientific remedies that doctors are saying have proven to actually fight the virus. As suggested by WHO, washing hands and maintaining good hygiene can reduce the risk of catching the virus while practices like drinking cow’s urine and taking baths with cow’s dung, can surely lead to more ailments.

Stay safe, everyone.


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