UET Lahore Just Imposed An Absurd Dress Code Forcing Women To Wear Scarves And The Fine For Not Doing It Is 5000 Rupees

By Bisma Rizwan | 4 Mar, 2019

It’s 2019 but UET Lahore dress code is hellbent on imposing sharam-o-haya on everyone


Last year the world saw a lot of moral policing like in Punjab University, and a lot of dress codes *cough Bahria cough*. Adding to the list of those absolutely outrageous institutions which haven’t been able to keep themselves from meddling into people’s personal lives and preferences, we have UET Lahore with an amazing policy.


University of Engineering and Technology’s Institute of Business & Management issued an absurd dress code with an even more absurd fine

The University’s notification banned jeans for both guys and girls, and also made dupatta or scarf compulsory for female students while barring them from wearing sleeveless tops and capris.

Any violation to the dress code was supposed to be fined Rs. 5000/-

Source: pakistantoday.com.pk

The notification also mentioned that men have to wear proper formal outfits, with dress pants, shirts and coats, or just flaunt your desi version with a shalwaar kameez and coat.  And Jummah is when all of your Islami needs to be presented in all of its glory (because the rest of the days it doesn’t matter, right?) shalwaar kameez was made mandatory.

Via Tumblr

Matlab paisay bhi lou, aur class bhi naa attend kernay dou? Bohat achay! 


Social media just blew out in rage over the absurdity being carried out by the institution

People accused the university for trying to promote extremism among the youth

Out with your myopic thinking in a 21st century democratic society 

And that imposing values on anyone isn’t cool


Following the backlash, UET decided to take back the original notification but issued a new, updated version

UET-IB&M Director Prof Dr Muhammad Shoaib said it was a business institute and the idea was to groom the students about formal dressing. He, however, said the dress code did not receive good feedback owing to which it had been withdrawn. “We will be planning to ask students for formal dressing at least once a week or so,” as reported by The News.

So, apparently this is now a “training activity” to groom students for “formal dressing” and is to be observed for two weeks according to the new notification.

What do you think about this development? Let us know in the comments.


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