18 Of The Most Typically Pakistani Things Everyone Secretly Does

18 Of The Most Typically Pakistani Things Everyone Secretly Does

Being Pakistani is an amalgamation of enthusiasm, over-flooding emotions, superstitions, love, hate, sympathy, apathy and all things in-between. It, in essence, is not a nationality but a state of constant frenzy, oscillating between two extremes.  From our unmatched love for cricket to our unparalleled love- hate relationship with rishta aunties and phuphos/mamis, our lives are always filled with non-stop, uncalled for drama.

Here is a glimpse into some of the most quintessentially Pakistani things that almost all of us secretly do or believe in.


1. Being scared of everyone’s buri nazar.

2. Your response to every time Team Pakistan loses a cricket match

3.The double standards that are just too normal

4. Helloassalamoalikum kon?

5. Being very makhi choos with everything

6. Having the best solution to every problem: Biryani

7. Oh, the double standards again

8. Khuli misogyny, khula sexism. All day, every day.

9. Bhai paise kam karain, ap se hamesha leti hun.

10. The ever so tiring dhaniya struggles

11. Getting confused between dhaniya and podina.

 12. Attempting to hide from the overly-eager relatives

13. India hatin’

14. Sannu ki

15. Sawal gandum, jawab channa

16. Ludo being the sab laraiyon ki jar

17. Eating teenday that are swimming in oil.

18. And doing all of these things with varying intensities.


What typically Pakistani thing do you do?


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