13 Extremely Irritating People You Will Meet on Pakistani Roads

By Ali Gul | 17 Oct, 2015

Pakistan might be fun for a lot of activities; however, driving is not one of them. Driving in urban Pakistan is like a daily battle where the outcome is usually against your favor. Below is a list of people who make us regret sitting on the driving seat.

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1. Indicator Hater

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They come in front of you without a warning. They are very secretive about what they are about to do next. Who doesn’t like a little mystery in their lives?


2. VIPs with Daalas

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They feel like they own the road because they are influential. It is advised not to mess with them.


3. The Person Who For Some Reason is Always in a Hurry

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No matter what time of the day, they need to be somewhere important 5 minutes ago. Interestingly, there are many people on the road with the same dilemma – sometimes at the same time. They also love honking once the traffic signal turn green.


4. The Fast & Furious Fan

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Their driving on the road is just a real life version of Fast & Furious. They break the rules wherever they can and never miss thr chance to speed. Dur kay aagey jeet hai!


5. The Annoying Aunty

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She’s super cautious of how she drives; however, these measures make everyone around her want to kill themselves.


6. Biker Boyzz

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They’re always doing something crazy. They casually risk everyones lives for their not so unique stunts. If only their moms had spanked them really hard when they were younger.


7. Riskhaw Driver

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They somehow find every possible way to get in front of you and think they’re driving a three wheeled sports car.


8. High Beamers

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They turn on their high beams either behind you or on the opposite side of  a two way narrow road. The only thing to do is to make the sucker blind with your high beam. May the force be with you!


9. Roadside Marasi

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They love listening to music. In fact they cherish their music so much, they makes sure everyone around them enjoys it too.


10. The Honking Ass

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I wish people realized that honking is considered noise pollution.


11. Truck Driver

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The truck driver shows his might on the road by stopping his vehicle wherever he pleases.


12. The Multi-Tasker

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Caution: Stay away from this idiot! This person is eating, texting, speaking on the phone, changing his music, taking snaps on snapchat and doing everything else that involves not paying attention on the road.


13. Poondie Scums

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The poondie scums will have his eyes out for cute girls. It would be advisable to get blinds to protect yourself from his desperation.


While there are many other irritating things about Pakistani traffic, these are the ones that bother us the most. Please let us know if there is something else that bothers you.


Also, please don’t drive and text.


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