Unusual Superstitions That Pakistani People Actually Believe In

By Sadia Khan | 16 Oct, 2015

We all harbor superstitions, some of you more so than others. Superstitions like always using the right hand to eat or handle money, are very common but then there are the obscure ones that only your senile grandma or the paranoid khala of yours who knows all totkas and remedies to jinn ka saaya know about.

Here are some of the superstitions that people in Pakistan believe in:

1. Breaking a glass can mean good luck

The first thing you hear when you break a glass is your mom screaming at top of her lungs at having broken yet another of her jahez ka set. But we have a good news to cheer up your mom a little. It is believed in some families that if a glass is broken unintentionally, it brings good news. So maybe not looking whether you are placing that glass on the kitchen counter or in mid air wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

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2. That a crow at your door can bring a ‘gift’

So, one day a thirsty crow decides to sit at the chimney or the gate of your house to search for water. And there you are, shooing it away because you don’t want that irritating cawing to disturb your midday nap. Well, if superstitions are to be believed, there is a lot more than just the annoying cawing coming your way because of that crow. It is believed that if a crow sits on the gate of your house, get ready for some guests!

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3. Eating fish after a milk product can lead to a lifetime of ugliness

Yeah. Well, technically fish and dairy don’t really go together from a culinary point-of-view either but get this: some people actually believe eating fish after drinking milk, or consuming other milk based products, can cause white spots all over your body! If only you consult your doctor who’d be quick to dispense off that superstition, because there is no evidence to suggest that there is a definite causation of white spots based on that particular food combination.

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4. Walking over a child’s legs can stunt their growth

So anyone of you who aren’t blessed with the height gene, blame your elders for someone must have jumped or walked over you as a kid and led to you being.. well, short! According to a common belief, if a person jumps over a child’s legs then that keeps the child from growing taller.

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5. Giving a gift of shoes will make your friend walk away from your life

No wonder, if the shoes are pretty enough. I would put them on and walk about too! But seriously, it is believed among some households that one should never give a pair of shoes as a gift to a loved one because it will make them walk away from you—Unless, they give a small amount of money back to you. In the words of your dadi, nothing ruins a relationship like a pair of shoes!

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6. Stepping on someone’s fallen hair will give them a massive headache

Yup, the origins of your headache don’t need to be explained medically because we the answer right here! If someone steps on your fallen hair somewhere this will cause you a headache. So now you know, the bigger worry about falling hair is not your imminent baldness or your ending up in someone’s food but that they might walk over it and cause you a headache.

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7. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place… unless you are the eldest child

We have all been scared of lightning and thunderstorm, at some point in our lives. But one person who should always be scared when they sky goes crazy is the eldest child in a family. It is believed that the ghar ka sab se barra bacha has the most chances of getting struck by lightning. So, if you’re scared of lightning and hate your eldest sibling you might want to take them along if you ever have to go out in a thunderstorm, you will be absolutely safe.

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8. Being careful about your hygiene can be an invitation to a jinn

Who would’ve thought that taking care of yourself would attract more than unwanted poondi bowyz? People believe that if you cut your nails and throw them away, or apply perfume behind your ears, you are giving the jinns a ‘come hither’ message. But then, walking around with long, unkempt fingernails and your smelly self would end up with people confusing you with a churail. Life is full of hard decisions!

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9. Throwing salt at your door behind an unwanted guest will ensure they never return

Do you hate those nosy neighbors of yours who always find an excuse to pay you a visit every time they smell your biryani? We have the perfect solution for you. When they are leaving your home, instead of sending them off with a salty biryani that they never come back again for, throw the salt all over your entrance area. This will stop them from coming back. Just make sure the salt is poured at exactly 45 degree angle and your right hand is used with a naazuk andaaz and such that your elbow is exactly aligned to your shoulder so that the salt is absolutely effective.

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In case you didn’t get that, all of that is complete BS.

10. Eating from the pan can turn your wedding day into your worst nightmare

Like civilized people, we thought eating from the plate was a matter of being a sane person but it turns out our parents have much bigger reasons for teaching us so. If you eat from the pan, your wedding day will be rained out. Just think, this is the perfect solution for areas that are suffering from a severe drought and the meteorologists have predicted zero chance of relief anytime soon. The world is saved, no more climate change!!

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What are some of the Pakistani superstitions that you or your family believe in?

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