This Scandalous Twitter Account Is Blaming Sharia For The Way Life Has Changed In Many Countries Now

By Aam Nawab | 21 Oct, 2018

Sharia has been a much discussed, oft controversial legal paradigm for most of the world because of policies it prescribes that have been viewed as regressive. Sadly, much to the disappointment of true essence of Sharia, not even a lot of Muslims truly understand what this legal framework should look like in the modern world, therefore it remains controversial.


This Twitter account is taking advantage of the fact that Sharia’s implementation in many places in the past has been done for reasons that weren’t really honest

Via: Twitter

Let’s face it, mostly oppressive regimes have used the cover of trying to implement Sharia but have actually implemented policies that might have even gone grossly against the tenants of this legal framework thus giving Sharia a bad name.


So, this Twitter account has been sharing factoids about societies before, as it claims, “Sharia ruined everything”


And the visuals are rather interesting, from the flag-bearing women in Malaysia, circa the 70’s:


To a market place in Baghdad in 1963:


Oh my, look at this ethereal Afghan beauty

Although not sure how this depicts what was better before Sharia “ruined” it.


How can one not be shocked to see this?

It is sad, though, how oppressive regimes in Muslim countries have used religion to remove women from public spheres.


The beauty of pre-Sharia women continues to enthrall the followers of this account


Whether or not you agree with the images used to depict that, the account does lead one to wonder, if Sharia did “ruin” things?

The stark difference between the lifestyles of women in these countries now and those in the 60’s and 70’s is evident. But can we attribute it to Shariah? At the end of the day, the choices women believe will aid them in navigating with ease through social circumstances are the ones they should have the liberty to opt for; be it wearing an abaya or a little black dress.

What’s your take on this account? Sound off in the comments.


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