These Are The Most Epic Tweets From Pakistan in Ramazan 2016

These Are The Most Epic Tweets From Pakistan in Ramazan 2016

These Are The Most Epic Tweets From Pakistan in Ramazan 2016

Ramazan: the glorious time of the year when Muslims abstain from food, water, profuse use of classic Urdu swear words and other naughty things that play with your emaan. However, it’s still a great time for comic relief. With sugar levels hitting an all-time low in the zaalim garmiyon ke rozay season, let’s count on desis to cheer you up.

Here are the most epic tweets from Pakistan in Ramazan 2016:


When your family is super supportive and appreciative. Lol, jk.


When the Doodh Soda War of 2016 was bigger than all Ramazan transmissions combined.

Not “doodh” or “sprite”, definitely palak. Yep.


And since everybody was obsessing over doodh soda, we thought we should too.


When you realize you have to keep it PG throughout the month.


When you have way too much free time on your hands.


When you suddenly turn into haram police.


When your akhlaq brings all the boys to the yard. Lol, nah fam. 


When you pretend that you’ve turned your life around.


When you find humor in the most awkward situations.


And you’ve given up at least 15 times during the day.


Throwback to this tweet, even more relevant during Ramazan.


When you have to carefully tuck your innuendos in under 140 characters.


When you keep telling yourself you’ll keep it clean this Ramazan.


When you also keep reminding yourself how hashtag ~blessed~ you truly are.


When musalmans truly test your patience with their religious ignorance.


And when you find yourself almost praying for them Aunt Flo breaks


When you’re entrusted with the impossible task of avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers throughout the day


“And which of your Lord’s favors will you deny?”


When you’re so so so so SO bored that you have time to contemplate the most basic shit.


And this.


Relationship status.


When Amir Liaquat gives you gold.




When creative juices keep flowing.


When nobody stopped this little lunatic.


Seriously, you guys.

When you think this Ramazan, you’ll be closer to an Instagram body but lmfao.


27. When Isha > Shisha


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