These Truck Art Shoes Are One Thing You Definitely Need This Eid

By Arslan Athar | 5 Sep, 2016

The Truck Art trend has recently exploded all over the place.From truck art chai dhaabay, to furniture and yes, even shoes. Women in Pakistan got the chance to strut in some pretty awesome khussas, leaving the men of Pakistan a little unloved. Kya fashion mardon ke liye nahin hai?



Well all that’s about to change (hopefully) 

Tapu Javeri recently posted a picture of his new custom made shoes, and well I for one was floored. I probably didn’t sleep well because I only had those shoes in mind.

Look at them, so majestic and so fine. I am already imagining all the shirts I could wear this with, heck I’m already seeing how people would react.



The mastermind behind this fashion masterpiece is Ali Salman Anchan, and he runs Phool Patti. If you check out his Instagram page, he’ll probably give you even more goals you’ll never be able to achieve.

The guy behind the shoes also gives so many other goals to us

Some of these goals include:

Vespa Goals

Its so pretty and perfect, you’ll be too scared to use it at all. Just park it right up next to your bed and stare at it all day and all night.


Friend Goals

God, I need friends who will make me customized stuff without me asking them. And what would be even better is that they expect nothing in return, because I have no talent and can’t do shit.


Overall design goals 

In all seriousness, Ali Salman Anchan is incredibly talented. Just look at that symmetry and attention to detail. It honestly looks too perfect to be true, but hey it is.


And, he’ll also give you luggage goals

*heavy breathing*


Finally, of course, what all this began with, SHOE GOALS

What really breaks my heart is when he says ‘exclusively for Tapu Javeri’. Mr Anchan, I can see you and Tapu Javeri are close lekin mujhe bhi ye jootay chahiye. I’ll stop by wherever you are and drop off my shoes even, heck I’ll even buy you the paint you’ll need but bhai jan please meray liye ye bana dein.

Well whether or not I ever get these funky pair of shoes, the fact that Ali Salman Anchan is the King of Truck Art remains undisputed. Keep painting and showcasing our culture to the world.


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