Hey Ladies, These Are All The Hottest Fashion Trends For This Shaadi Season

By Kashaf | 25 Oct, 2017

Shaadi season is upon us.

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Before you start panicking about the roaring circus that Pakistani weddings have become these days, take a couple of deep breaths. If you’re already stressing about your wardrobe this shaadi season – you are not alone. Pakistani fashion is at a point where EVERYTHING is in. You could wear almost any style of kameez, pants, or skirts and pull it off – so don’t be afraid to experiment this wedding season. PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2017 has come to a close with endless trends that graced the runway.

If you aren’t the creative kind to invent trends yourself, check out our lowdown of the latest trends about to take shaadi season by storm:



Sana Safinaz at PLBW 2017/ Shamsha Hashwani at PLBW 2017/ Ali Xeeshan at PLBW 2017/ Sara Rohale Asghar at PLBW 2017

Gowns are super versatile this season. For the past couple of years we’ve been seeing flowy Anarkali gowns with long trails – a go to trend that will never be out of style. However, we loved the tapered, straight gowns that models were rocking on the runway this season. Simple or heavy, these gowns look sophisticated and compliment all body shapes.



Nickie Nina at PLBW 2017/ Sara Rohale Asghar at PLBW 2017/ Nomi Ansari at PLBW 2017

The regal gharara look has come back with a bang. There have been many contemporary twists on the traditional gharara look as well as beautiful and intricate bridal ghararas. Simple or heavily embellished, this look is elegant and chic.



Sana Safinaz at PLBW 2017/ Ahmed Sultan at PLBW 2017

Bridal peplums are the most gorgeous shaadi trend this season by far. Peplums in dusty greys, pastels, and dark reds were gorgeous with lehngas, shararas, and cigarette trousers.  If you’re bored of the A-line shirts or long frocks try out this contemporary look.



Ahmed Sultan at PLBW 2017/ Jeem at PLBW 2017/ Sania Maskatiya at PLBW 2017

Pastels have made a statement this season yet again. Nothing is classier than these soft peaches, sea greens, and tea pinks. Mixing different shades of pastels with tilla kaam and dainty pearls really worked on the ramp.



Nomi Ansari at PLBW 2017/ Ali Xeeshan at PLBW 2017/ Nomi Ansari at PLBW 2017

The floral look is seriously to die for. Traditional floral motifs on dupattas and lehngas in deep emerald hues, ruby reds, and zesty oranges are amazing for a contemporary meets traditional look. Perfect for mehndi functions.


Quirky Sleeves

Shiza Hassan at PLBW 2017/ Jeem at PLBW 2017/ Jeem at PLBW 2017

Over the top sleeves were seen on everything this year – western wear, formal wear, and bridal wear. Bell sleeves, ruffled sleeves, or bouffant sleeves can amp up any blouse or shirt style. Try a quirky sleeve style on your saree blouse this year for a striking and glamorous ensemble.


Lehnga Choli

If you’re tired of the lehnga choli trend, then I’m sorry it is here to stay.

Nomi Ansari at PLBW 2017/ Ali Xeeshan at PLBW 2017/ Misha Lakhani at PLBW 2017

We loved the tiny cholis spotted on the runway with flowy colorful lehngas. Choli’s looked dazzling in shimmery tissue, mukesh, gota, and embellished organza.



Jeem at PLBW 2017/ Shamsha Hashwani at PLBW 2017

Black has made a comeback this shaadi season and that too in much loved velvet. Velvet is always amazing for shaadi season as it’s slimming, sophisticated, and not to mention warm. Dark, embroidered velvet gowns, lehngas, and blouses look opulent and classic.


Fringe and Tassles

Sara Rohale Asghar at PLBW 2017/ Sana Safinaz at PLBW 2017/ Shamsha Hashwani at PLBW 2017

Fringe can add glam to any look. Be it lehngas, wide-legged pants, or gown-style jackets – adding tassles or fringe gives an oomph and wow factor to any old outfit.


Kaam Wala Dupatta

Shiza Hassan at PLBW 2017/ Mahugl at PLBW 2017

Gorgeous, traditional, heavily embellished shawls and dupattas are a timeless classic. Can’t find anything to wear this shaadi season? Toss one of your mom’s vintage dupattas over any simple outfit for an elegant and graceful look.


Traditional Red

Shamsha Hashwani at PLBW 2017/ Ali Xeeshan at PLBW 2017/ Shiza Hassan at PLBW 2017

Nothing beats a traditional red bridal look. We’ve seen many different shades and color patterns over the years on brides, but nothing comes close to that riwayati red dulhan look. Traditional red can mesh perfectly with classic designs as well as contemporary twists.


Which look will you be rocking this season?


Cover images: Ali Xeeshan at PLBW 2017/ Ahmed Sultan at PLBW 2017/ Sara Rohale Asghar at PLBW 2017

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