19 Pakistani Celebrities And Their “Scandalous” Tinder Profiles

19 Pakistani Celebrities And Their “Scandalous” Tinder Profiles

Online dating is a thing now what with Tinder and all becoming so prevalent with young people. Even in Pakistan, these online dating apps have a rather vibrant community. is In a parallel universe where wives weren’t a thing, and all your favorite men were on Tinder, here’s how we think these Pakistani celebrities’ Tinder profiles would read:


1.  Shehroz Subzwari


2. Mohib Mirza


3. Ahsan Khan


4. Shehryar Munawar


5. Ahmed Ali Butt


6. Ali Zafar


7. Humayun Saeed


8. Atif Aslam


9. Hamza Ali Abbasi


10. Junaid Khan


11. Umair Jaswal


12. Osman Khalid Butt


13. Shaan Shahid


14. Uzair Jaswal


15. Adnan Siddique


16. Farhad Humayun


17. Adeel Hussain


18. Ali Sethi


19. Fawad Khan


What would your conversation with these guys be if you found them on Tinder?


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