19 Reasons Why Pakistani Cinema Is So Much Better Than Bollywood

By Iman Zia | 29 Dec, 2016

I’ll be honest, I’ve spent my entire life buried deep in anything and everything Bollywood music-wise. Indian Cinema music became an inherent part of me from a very young age. And I’ve been among those who missed Indian movies when they were banned recently.

One night though, something changed. I was sitting with my grandparents in front of the telly, and the song Aaye Mausam Rangeele popped up. I fell in love with everything about the song, and was treated to a whole night of nostalgia unfurling in the room as my grandparents reminisced about old school Lollywood. I hated myself for having been so ignorant. I discovered Noor Jahan properly for the first time, Mehdi Hassan too.


Aaye Mausam RangeeleSaat Lakh

It was a beautiful song, and so wonderfully shot, that too a movie video springing from the 1950’s!


Par Channah DeZinda Bhaag

Noori’s Coke Studio wala Par Channah De was a beautiful rendition with an unexpected, glorious rock twist towards the end courtesy of the brilliant Ali Noor. Yet this one from Zinda Bhaag, with Arif Lohar’s raw vocals is marvelous in its own way. Have a listen:


Reid-i-Gul Janaan

The song is in Pashto, and it’s the second Pashto song I’ve fallen in love with after Zsta Pasha Na Yum. I really wasn’t expecting something so magnificent from Janaan.

The lyrics are beautiful, here’s a translation if you don’t understand Pashto. 


Dil Kya KareHo Mann Jahaan

This song is a guilty pleasure, I hate that I love it so much. It’s your typical melancholic song you hear in almost every film when the protagonists are going through heartbreak and heartache. AND I LOVE IT.


Mujhse Pehli Si MohabbatQaidi

With words penned by the great Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and vocals by Madam Noor Jahan, this is one ballad that will always stand the test of time. The song was so popular that this Bollywood movie might have even stolen it.


Tiluk KamodKhuda Kay Liye

It’s the beginning melody that I just can’t seem to get enough of.


Abhi Saath Chal – Dukhtar

Dhuktar‘s album is a gem, just like the film itself. It’s so wonderful when the film and its accompanying soundtrack collectively hit home.


Jeenay ChalayDukhtar

This gets me in such travel feels – all I want to do is escape from city life with this song as my life’s soundtrack. Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan’s voice is heavenly.


Aah Ko Chahiye Manto

Ali Sethi’s soulful voice just pierces through your heart in this one.


Ballay BallayBin Roye

This album was lovely. Even when it isn’t shaadi season, this particular song always remains a constant on my playlist. It’s uplifting and the beat is so catchy! I’m always caught dancing my heart out to this one in my bedroom (sorry mama).


Lar GaiyaanDobara Phir Se

Another recent addition to my bedroom dance-like-no-one’s-watching playlist.


Shakar WandaanHo Mann Jahaan

Another dance song that I adore. I’m a big fan of the Ho Mann Jahaan album.


Kala DooriyanDekh Magar Pyaar Se

I have an unhealthy obsession with this song, it’s one of those Punjabi car anthems that you just blast at full volume, until your dashboard starts vibrating.


Mujhe Tum Nazar SeDoraha

Mehdi Hassan’s voice is so warm. My grandparents would have these old cassettes with all these gold gems I’d listen to with them, and this one was my favorite.


Ghar NariHo Mann Jahaan


Eva – Moor

Meesha Shafi’s voice stirs you in this one.


Tere Ishq NachayaMajajan

I love this song. Inspired by the life of Punjabi poet Bulleh Shah, the film’s music was beautifully laced together, and Shaan acted brilliantly.


Din Pareshan HaiBol


Tere Bina JeenaBin Roye

You can never go wrong with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice coupled with two beautiful actors flirting their way through a vibrant, sparkling market.


I’ve ardently started watching Pakistani movies, and my love for Lollywood songs has become more profound. So, this was a collection of my favorite Lollywood movie songs. Sorry Bollywood, but we’re catching up rather fast.

These are just 19 reasons why Lollywood is so much better than the Indian cinema. Do you know any others?


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