All The Bollywood Songs You Didn't Realize Were Actually Shamelessly Copied From Pakistani Songs

By Lamees Wajahat | 27 Jan, 2017

Thes Bollywood songs are a chaapa

A good neighbor always has his or her door open, whether it’s for a cup of sugar or jumper cables for the car and Pakistan has been an especially good neighbor.

India has stol-…… borrowed various Pakistani hit songs and turned them into their own chart-busters.

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haw haye!


Here’s a list of some Bollywood songs that are sadly copied from Pakistani songs:

First of all we have the recent chaapa in the new ‘Prada’ song starring Alia Bhatt


The tune of this song seems suspiciously similar to this song by Vital Signs


Sanwali Saloni

This song from movie, ‘Hum Sab Chor Hain‘ was released in 1995 and produced this gem. While it is a 90’s guilty pleasure…

Vital Signs’ original will always be an irreplaceable part of our youth.


Dil Laga Liya

Preity Zinta looks so cute and innocent over here, you can’t even blame her for being part of a team that stole…

Boohay Baarian!!!!!!

Another childhood classic and an icon of our youth.


In Dinon

Pakistani OSTs are so good, that Bollywood composers are “inspired” by them (we’re looking at you, Pritam).

Waqar Ali’s ode to mohabbat is almost as beautiful, if not more, than Life in a Metro’s track.


Munni Badnaam Hui

Malaika’s thumkas rocked the radio stations and Nokia ringtones for a very long time

but before her badnaami, Pakistan had badnaam‘d their own Umer Sharif in 1992.


Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Madhuri is an effortless and graceful dancer no matter what tune they give her,

But to ignore the maestro himself is a cardinal sin.


Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast

While the Kiara Advani one is a famous recent copy, this song is so beloved that Bollywood copied two times. There’s an earlier version of this song starring Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar from the film ‘Mohra‘.

Another Nusrat masterpiece turned into a sequin adorned dance number,

tsk tsk Bollywood, tsk tsk.

Interesting tidbit about the Kiara Advani version of ‘Cheez Badi Mast Mast‘. The song is (was) a T-Series song and its not only copied from the Nusrat original, its tune is also copied from this Punjabi song by Parmish Verma and this is why they had to delete the original song from the official T-Series channel. Lol!



Reshma’s eternal classic, Judai, still manages to rip our hearts out of our chests even after all this time, but Sonal Chauhan’s spin offers a new soulful vibe.

Still a Pakistani song tho…


Lamha Lamha

Awkward moment when Abhijeet, the singer, hates Pakistanis but copies a Waris Baig song for Gangster



Chhore Ki Baatein

Chori ki gaanein don’t sound so good, do yourself a favor and listen to Ali Zafar’s original instead of watching Dino Morea prance around on a beach.

Unless you’re into that, then by all means go ahead.


Dil Dil Hindustan


This is pitiful.

How dare you disrespect the unofficial national anthem of our people?


There are plenty of other Bollywood songs that they’ve shamelessly copied, which other ones do you know of? Comment below.


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