I Rewatched ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham' And Amitabh Bachchan's Character Yash Raichand Is The Most Fucked Up Thing In It

By Arslan Athar | 28 Jul, 2018

AaAaAaAaAa Kabhi Khuushi Kabhi Ghaammm. K3G is a freaking iconic movie. From the gamla scene to everyone dancing to ‘Bole Chooriyan’. The movie is hella old now, but the references from it are still relevant. This is one movie that is actually evergreen. Because of this, we’ve all ended up watching the movie multiple times. It was during one of my many ‘rewatches’ that I noticed something- Yash Raichand is a total asshole.


Let’s go over the evidence:

First off, he was far TOO obsessed with this to be bahu, Naina. 

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He’s constantly after her and talking about her also. Whenever the poor thing dances, be with Shava Shava, or the K3G title track, he’s standing in a corner watching her and enjoying it WAY too much. Of course, Naina doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but it was pretty disturbing to see.

The whole ‘Kehdiya, Bas Kehdiya’ business 

Fine, I understand, men have been depicted a certain way in cinema and TV for quite a while. Yash Raichand definitely fits in this category. However, the writers behind ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ really exaggerated this aspect, especially when it comes to him asserting himself over his family and especially his wife. He won’t listen to reason, actually, he just won’t listen. He just hurls the ‘Kehdiya na’ at whoever is standing across him.

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Yash Raichand likes to enjoy all the attention

The day after Rahul comes home, (cue images of helicopter landing in front of the house and Rahul running towards Mama Raichand) Yash stands in front of Nandini and says, ‘Beta kya ghar agaya, aap humein hi bhool gayi’. I mean brooo, you own a multi-million business and you don’t know how to tie your tie. UGH!

He does it again in the second half of the movie when Rohan comes home for Diwali, this time while Nandini is tying his tie, he looks at her and says, ‘woh puraani Nandini kaha chali gaye?’ First off, you forced her son out of the house and then made sure there was no contact. Fine, you might be able to process it better, but Nandini cannot. Her maamta is way too strong. He’s just insensitive to her emotions and essentially tells her off for ‘changing’.

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Yash Raichand also has a clear anger problem 

Lol, yes this is pretty obvious, but come on; you spotted your son and his family while in England-TALK TO THEM

Your mom dies, and at the cremation, you wouldn’t wait for your son to come even though your dying mother would’ve wanted that.

Your child and his family are leaving India yet again, but rather than appreciating that they flew all the way, you’re just going to let them go.

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Lastly, what REALLY angers me is that we’re expected to forgive Yash Raichand in the final scene. 

In the last scene, Yash Raichand cries and begs for his son’s forgiveness. REALLY. His cries and declares his undying love for his son, he even throws the worst line in there too, ‘barhon ka ghussa, barhon ka pyaar hota hai.’ I have a lot of issues with that kind of attitude but in this context, the son you sent away has come back, and THIS is what you choose to say.

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Do you agree? What do you think of Yash Raichand? Let us know in the comments.


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