14 Reasons Why You Need To Go Watch Dobara Phir Se ASAP

By Sarah Babar | 27 Nov, 2016

Okay, so at first glance, Dobara Phir Se seems like your typical boy-meets-girl story, but then you realize you couldn’t be more wrong. And that’s a good thing! Most of the plots of the film are unveiled in the first ten minutes, and while the story is a fairly simple one, but since when has love not been complicated? So, just to get you started, here’s a little summary of what to expect:

“Adeel Hussain (yum) sees Hareem Farooq (major girl crush) on a ferry, and feels an instant connection, but then she disappears. They later meet at a party at Sanam Saeed (va va voom) and Ali Kazmi’s (new hottie on the block scene) house. But then things take their course and the whole unrequited love scene begins.”

But why should you get off your derriere and watch yet another boy-meets-girl-boy-can’t-get-girl romance? Here’s why:


1. It’s Pakistani cinema at it’s best

The film industry in Pakistan has seen it’s fair share of lows, and definitely it’s share of Gujjar movies, lekinn ubh aur nahi. 

Films like Janaan and Dobara Phir Se are changing the scene, completely, one film at a time. There are almost no visible external influences, in the film, be it from any region. No dhinchaak item numbers, no forced physical intimacy (because we’ve seen some very, very weird things happening on the screens in Pakistan).


2. The music is just OMG

Finally, the beast of a voice that is Arooj Aftab is unleashed onto Pakistani cinema and how! Her voice takes you places you never knew you could be in. Of course, when you have people like Ali Hamza, Haniya Aslam, Jimmy Khan, Sara Haider, Shiraz Uppal, Zarish Hafeez, and Rekha Bharadwaj on one soundtrack, feels are expected. For example this:

And this:

I mean, just look at the scenery, and their beautiful beautiful faces.

And of course this little track which will make you do that awkward shoulder dance, that we all do.


3. They’re breaking more stereotypes than you can imagine

Our neck of the woods is full of taboos against women. One in particular being that single mothers cannot lead normal lives. We see that in not one character in the movie, but two, in their own brilliant capacities. Atiqa  Odho portrays a strong, independent woman who was able to keep her head on straight, even after her husband left her. And the gorgeous Hareem Farooq who manages to break free and live in her own, after a failed marriage, not letting that hold her back from finding herself again.

Bye bye taboos
Bye bye taboos

The ease with which Mehreen Jabbar takes the issue from an Astaghfirullah perspective, and gets you thinking about how divorced women are also normal human beings is beautiful (also that mothers-in-law aren’t always monsters).


4. It’ll make you bleed green by the end

Even though the movie isn’t primarily set in Pakistan, Jabbar kept the Pakistani essence strong throughout the film. Be it with our corny AF Pakistani jokes, or the beauty of Urdu, it’s all there. The music is as Pakistani as it gets, as we saw in previous movies like Ho Mann Jahan and Janaan.



5. The plot twists are subtle and very, very entertaining

I’m not going to go into this much, but the twists in the, on-the-surface simple, film are so intricately woven within the plot that they change the course of the film without being in your face, unlike a certain movie from across the border starring Mr. Kareena Kapoor and Ms. Ex-Ranbir Kapoor.

Source: WikiPedia
Source: Wikimedia


6. Atiqa Odho

From (I really don’t know what she was playing in the previous film, Lahore Se Aagey) to exuding grace and elegance as Asim’s mother, Atiqa Odho has proved herself to be as much of a class act as we deem her to be. And a far cry away from Mrs. Baseerat.


Of course, some of us will never forgive her for making Khirad cry but we can be entertained by her in this movie.


7. It will take you a fun emotional ride – no roller coasters here, my friend

There’s no elaborate rona dhona, that filmmakers had started to think was essential to get emotions across, in this film.


Via: Tumblr
Via: Tumblr

None of it, and thank God! Subtlety, my dear Watson.


8. This cutest thing Pakistani cinema has ever seen

Oh my God, Moosa Rabbani is the little magical bundle of cayooooooot-ness! The way he acted throughout, and his little Pakistani-American accent is the cutest thing on earth.



9. The cinematography is INSANE

The nazaarey that you get to see of both New York and Karachi make you fall in love with both cities. The way the two cities have been captured is a refreshing change, from what we’ve seen before, in Pakistani cinema.

Via: Tumblr
Via: Tumblr


10. There are THANKFULLY no in-your-face product placements

It’s a miracle (almost) that you don’t see anyone shoving products in your face. Well, apart from Oye Hoye, but to be honest, we all have had days when we’ve survived on those chips.

Source: Deenga
Source: Deenga


11. Shaz Khan

This HOTTIE ??? from Moor makes it into his second film, based on his acting abilities (looks), charm (looks), and expressive face (looks). Give it a few more days and he’ll be more objectified than a certain pyaara chai wala.

Here’s some Shazporn for you. Just look at this face, and ahem, dem eyes.






12. There are NO ITEM SONGS ?

No item songs? Check.

No below the belt jokes? Check.

No fat-shaming? Check.

No racist, sexist jokes? Check.

Source: YouTube
Via: YouTube

I mean, to break away from the current trends in Pakistani entertainment and present such cinematic beauty, is an incredible feat.


13. The Amazing talent of Mehreen Jabbar

That’s one person you can’t go wrong with. With dramas like Vasl, Daam, Mata-e-Jaan, and Mera Naam Yusuf Hai, and a stellar movie like Ramchand Pakistani, Jabbar constantly proves her worth as one of the top directors of Pakistan.

Source: T2F
Source: T2F


14. And finally, Adeel Hussain’s dad bod


We love you and your dad bod, Adeel. DON’T GET ABS, PLEASE.

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