21 Pakistani Female Celebrities And Their ‘Scandalous' Tinder Profiles

By Sarah Babar | 12 Feb, 2017

We’ve seen how the men of our industry went crazy on Tinder in Pakistan. In a land of wonder where there aren’t any baes or even alifs or significant others, here’s what our ladies would be doing on Tinder.


1. Mahira Khan

Let’s start with THE Khan of our industry, having recently worked with THE Khan of India in Raees, here’s what the absolutely real Mahira’s been doing on Tinder:



2. Maya Ali

She cried her heart our in Mann Mayal but she’s making men cry on the dating app:

3. Hareem Farooq

4. Armeena Khan

5. Mawra Hocane

The remaining single Hocane sister’s got some Tinder game:


6. Mehwish Hayat

So does Ms. Mehwish Billi Hayat:


7. Humaima Malik


8. Urwa Hocane

The other Hocane in her absolutely legit, totally real, not-at-all-made-up Tinder profile is up to no good:


9. Ayesha Khan

Jeena ne sab ka jeena haraam kiya hua Tinder pe.


10. Hania Aamir


11. Syra Yousuf

Oh hey there cutie.


12. Veena Malik



13. Meera

We wonder if Meera’s met any phatu, photu, fato, photographers on Tinder.

14. Mahnoor Baloch

This grandma’s got real game. Also, can you believe she’s a freaking grandma! Like, can we drink what potions you’re drinking Mahnoor?


15. Mathira

Aur, aur aur?


16. Neelam Munir

Maahi ve, mohabattan sachiyaan ne


17. Ayyan Ali


18. Meesha Shafi


19. Nargis

E gujjara ve…


20. Rubya Chaudhry


21. Mira Sethi


Have you met any Pakistani celebrities on Tinder? Would you like to see any specific ones? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll try finding some more celebrities on Tinder just for you, who knows our “investigation” skills might turn up some more people.


P.S: in case anyone still has doubts about the authenticity of these Tinder profiles, they’re absolutely, totally, completely real…not.

19 Pakistani Male Celebrities And Their “Scandalous” Tinder Profiles



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